beat stress effectively

Stress is defined as, “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances” according to Oxford. According to doctors stress is a vicious element that could easily put a toll on your health. You may ask is there a way to resolve it? Yes, certainly is the answer.

Here are some tips that would help you to beat stress effectively and live a healthy life:


Relaxation is the sole mantra for beating stress. Indeed, Relaxation is just the opposite of stress. Stress is a state where you are strained, whereas relaxation is the state of mind where you are relieved. Relaxation is the anti-dote for stress. Relaxation techniques like hypnosis and deep breathing exercises are effective methods to deal with stress.

In our day to day busy lifestyle it is so easy to get lost in mundane activities and seldom care for our health. Therefore keep in mind to lead a relaxed lifestyle which will keep your heart pleased.

Spend some quiet time

Try to find time during the morning hours to spend some quiet time with yourself. This is essential to remove the clutter from your mind and be able to see things as they are. This is sure to do a whole lot of good to keep your mind calm and serene.


Seers have placed high importance on meditation and it is an ancient practice that is still relevant to our present day. Meditation is a highly recommended practice by health experts to beat stress. Actually, meditation is the process of becoming aware. This helps a person not to get panic and builds good mental stability to deal with life issues successfully.

Pursue your passion

You may be surprised to know that pursuing your passion is an effective stress buster too. The main ideology is to become one with the activity which is a form of meditation. Whether it is photography, reading or writing, here’s your chance to indulge completely and leave your stress behind.

Take a break from TV news

We all can sense that an immediate heartache is around the corner while we are watching our TV news channel. That’s so true. Too much negativity and anxious news is harmful to our body. Scientifically our body cells are designed to receive joy. So, take a break from the news channel for a while and simply relax. Will you?


Body massage can be helpful to relieve the excess tension in your muscles and give you the much needed warmth and comfort.

Emotional release

Sometimes all you need to do is cry out. Crying out helps you to get over your current circumstances and move ahead with a new bundle of energy.


If you ask me, what could be a better treatment to handle stress than a good laugh? Get along with your friends, share old stories and enjoy a good laugh in each other’s company. Or you can even rent out a hilarious movie for a fun evening.