Fat belly to flat belly

A svelte and slim figure not only appears to be a beautiful one but also eradicates any possibility of chronic disease. Post emergence of belly, people often tend to develop chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc… It is very difficult and challenging to deal with these problems post detection. Hence it is advisable and essential to stay fit and healthy to avoid any such circumstances ahead. A fit and healthy body opens doors to happiness and fun. Women often complain of Fat Belly due to post pregnancy and other health related issues. It is rightly said that a fat belly gives birth to numerous diseases in the body. But by taking advisable steps, one can definitely curb and convert Fat Belly to a Flat One. Read on to know how to achieve a Flat Belly.

 From Fat to Flat:

The term “Belly” only appeals to eyes and ears while women perform Belly Dance, but a Fat Belly sounds and appears to be unappealing. Fat Belly makes the body look lethargic and stout. Hence by following the below mentioned steps, one can definitely convert the fat belly to a flat belly.

  • Watch your Diet: The first and foremost step which is very essential for moving to a flat category is to make a diet watch. Our food items are highly responsible for our fitness. Hence, be it man or woman, one should discontinue with every fatty substance, oily food items, desserts, cheesy items, sweetened drinks, junk foods like Pizza, Sandwich, etc… Once a person follows a diet plan including essential components like sprouts, oats, green leafy vegetables, etc… he or she can definitely achieve half of this battle.
  • Religiously practice exercise, stretching and Yoga: Our body is like a machine. The more the body is prone to comfort, the more it becomes full of boredom and lethargy. It is essential to do stretching exercises, aerobics, Pranayama, etc… in order to channelize and activate every tissue and muscles in our body. Stretching and Abs makes a great difference to the belly fat. It stretches the fats from belly region, leading to dissolution of fats.
  • Drink Plenty of Water: Water is the most essential component responsible greatly for our survival. Drinking 7 to 8 litres of water on daily basis removes harmful toxins from our body. It flushes out the negatives and energizes the body from deep within. Water helps in dissolving fats along with exercise and aerobics.
  • Sleep is must: Inadequate and inappropriate sleeping hours aggressively affect the health conditions of a person. With unhealthy sleep routines, there are higher chances of formation of Fat Belly. Hence it is advisable and essential to sleep for a minimum of 7 to 8 hours for a healthy and fit body.
  • Meditate: In this stressful and competitive scenario, it is very essential to practice “Dhyan” which is better known as meditation. Due to higher stress levels, people are leading towards an unhealthy and lethargic life. As a result their belly turns out to be a fat one. Meditation can de-stress the mind and soul from worldly tensions. Thus, meditation can bring a great change in transforming fat belly to a flat one.