Eat fish to lose weight

Yes, you read it correctly. If you cross your fingers while standing on a weighing machine and pray god, then its time to change your habits. A number of factors are important while losing weight. You can lose weight when you burn more calories. Healthy diet makes a big difference in weight loss program. So it is very necessary to keep a close look on food which we eat in our daily routine. There are a number of diet plans, that claims for loosing weight. To reduce weight, you should eat less calories and burn more. Along with exercise, add a low fat, nutritious food in your diet and reduce junk foods and fast foods. While maintaining weight, you can enjoy your healthy foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, fish. Fish is one such food which tastes good and is low in calories and fat. You can prepare a low fat, but delicious fish recipes, which are good for health.

Health benefits

While thinking about weight loss diet, it is very essential to add a source of protein in diet, which is low in calories. Protein and healthy fat helps to boost metabolism. Fish is a good source of protein and a good substitute for chicken and meat. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acid. Omega -3 is essential for your body. Fish contains healthy oil, which helps to prevent diseases like cancer and heart disease and lower the blood triglycerides. It helps to reduce weight. Fish contains less fat than chicken or meat. Include fish like Tuna, salmon, Sardines in your diet. It makes our body sensitive to hormone ‘Leptin’.

Studies have shown that fish help to control weight. This is because it contains low calories as compared to meat. So if we replace meat with fish in diet and eat large quantities of fish, keeps us fuller for a long time. Some types of fish are oily or fatty. But they are low in saturated fats and high in omega3 fatty acids. Fatty fish contains unsaturated fat, which is good for the heart. Protein in fish helps to control appetite. That means you eat less and calorie intake is less.

Start replacing high calorie meat with fish in your diet. Have one fish per week and slowly start eating fish 3 to 4 times per week. Eating fish helps to reduce excess pounds. It is also important for weight loss, how you prepare or cook fish. If you prepare fish in healthy ways it surely beneficial for health. Never fry fish, as it adds a large amount of calories and fat. Add spices and herbs to fish and grill it in your oven. With fish, eat nutritious dishes. Fresh fruits or fresh vegetables like carrot, green beans, which are low in calories are a healthy side dish option, which we can pair with fish.

Fish is a valuable food in weight loss diet, but only, adding fish in your diet, does not help you to lose weight. Along with fish, you need to add other healthy food in your diet. Diet alone does not reduce weight, unless it is combined with exercises.  So do regular exercises daily and enjoy healthy life.