Massage the beauty enhancer

Don’t we all tend to have a relaxing feeling by hearing the word itself? But there are more benefits of a massage than many know of. It not only relaxes but enhances beauty too. It is not for nothing that the experts suggest getting regular facial and body massages after a certain age.

It maintains the suppleness, it increases blood flow, and it calms down the stressed out muscles and nerves.

As we tend to get older, the work pressure, pollution, temperature changes etc. tend to snatch away the skin’s natural qualities. The body slowly becomes a storehouse of toxins. The skin dehydrates and loses elasticity. The blood circulation in the body slows down, and it is then that we develop cramps, backaches, wrinkles, stretch marks, dark circles, and so many other frightening, dreadful, disheartening ailments that we resort to chemicals and drugs to heal ourselves.

If you really know what good it does to get a massage, you can never keep yourself away from it. Do not shy away from spending money. If you can invest in clothes and accessories, you should beautify the body that would carry them.

Healthy glowing skin is one of the best benefits of a massage. Pimples and breakouts are but a natural process. But we can surely cut them down by relieving the body of toxins.Enhancing the beauty by loads of cosmetics is not the solution. You must feel good, when at night, you cleanse the makeup off. Regular facial massages ensure the good blood circulation that leads to a natural healthy skin.

Massage makes you look younger. A sit stimulates the blood flow, massages make the face look radiant and bright. It increases the lymphatic drainage, tightens up the skin and the muscles, and helps the healthy nutrients to enter the blood stream. Kneading the skin helps prevent slacks, unnecessary fat deposits, and helps radiate a healthy happy skin.

When the body and the mind need relief from stress, get a massage. Fatigue can cause the insomnia, depression, body aches, and migraine among others. Letting fatigue stay, is not a good decision. Light touch, and various massage therapies help us get rid of chronic ailments that rise from our regular urban lifestyles.

Massage is also known to burst the fat in the subcutaneous tissue. This helps the fat to spread out and get absorbed. Thus massage when combined with proper nutrition and exercise regime, can help in weight loss.

A good massage with relaxing music and perfect lighting conditions heals insomnia. It has a sedative like effect on the body.

Massage opens up the congestion o f the blood vessels and muscles. Beauty does lie in the eye of the beholder, but to feel look is much better than to feel good from within. Massage helps achieve an elevated mind and body coordination that heals.