burn calories while you are at office

Most of office workers spend an average of 8 hours a day, sitting at their desk as a part of their normal routine. To meet work deadlines, many people come early in the morning to the office and sit at the desk whole day. The constant sitting and inactivity slows down the metabolism, which causes weight gain. Nutrition, work, exercise choices and lifestyle, all these factors determine health.

If you want to burn calories when in the office, then here are some steps you can follow to avoid gaining weight while working a desk job and keep your health in check.

Simple exercises to do when you are in the office-

  • During lunchtime take a walk around the office building and use the stairs rather than the elevator.
  • Look for opportunities to stand, as it helps to burn more calories than sitting. Stand while talking on the phone.
  • Whenever you get time, walk around instead of e-mailing, instant messaging or calling colleagues.
  • If you are waiting for things on computer to load, do simple stretching exercises.
  • Take an active break after every one hour.
  • Constant movement will burn calories. Arrange a football match after lunchtime and get involved your colleagues.

Nutritious diet-

Not only the exercise but the food you eat also make  you burn calories. A diet which is rich in fiber can help to increase metabolism. Vitamins help to reduce weight. For example, Vitamin C is needed for production of several amino acids. In the fat burning process these amino acids play an important role. Vitamin D can be helpful in burning body fat by up to 50 percent. Vitamins A and B both play a critical role in keeping stress levels in control. This is very important, because high stress levels cause muscle burning and fat storing in your body. If you are habitual of tea or coffee, then choose green tea, black tea or black coffee, instead of flavored coffees.

Healthy Habits-

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Have smaller meals every few hours. Try to have a healthy breakfast. Do not skip it, as it is the most important meal of the day. Restaurant food is high in calories, so prefer homemade food. Prefer healthy options. Instead of sodas and sugary drinks, try the occasional fruit juice. If you want to eat something between meals, instead of chips or junk food, have a bowl of fruit, which helps to reduce weight.

Reduce stress-

Some jobs are very stressful. It may include dealing with customer complaints on a regular basis. Sometimes your job demands you to work for too many hours. In such situation, try to find ways to reduce your stress. It is very common that people eat more when they are under stress. But eating unhealthy food causes weight gain. When you are less stressed, you will stick to healthy eating. Yoga, exercise, Meditation and talking to supportive people are good ways to control your stress. Try to stay calm

These are simple and easy options to ensure you maintain a healthy level of fitness. Include exercise as much as possible to your daily schedule. Making healthy food choices and establishing a fitness routine will help you reduce weight.