For a woman, having a baby is the most beautiful thing that cannot be expressed in words. Even though delivery might be a painful process, and is just like a rebirth for a woman, the joy of bringing a baby into this world surpasses the pain and physical changes she experiences. However, many women put on weight and struggle to get the same great body that they had before pregnancy and childbirth. Remember that we are not body-shaming anyone here. We just want to talk about postpartum body transformation and the techniques to achieve the same great figure that a woman had before childbirth. So, this blog is for all the new moms out there! Without further ado, let’s start right away!

Does Your Body Shape Permanently Change after Pregnancy?

The body size and shape change every day during those nine months of pregnancy and this is common even after childbirth. Some women are unaware of the changes that take place in the body. But after looking at those skinny models on television, every new mom thinks of their days before pregnancy.

But there is nothing to worry about! We are here to help you with every step of your postpartum wellness journey.


Transforming Your Body after Childbirth

It is a trend to get back to the same shape right after childbirth. However, this phase is not easy to handle. The new mother goes through physical and mental changes and she has to be extremely careful about starting any fitness activity without harming herself. Talking about mental changes, here’s what you must know about postpartum depression.

Achieving a fit postpartum physique might seem daunting at first, but with patience and perseverance, a woman can successfully get back to her original size and shape.

A woman’s body first needs to be fit enough to handle the whole pressure of exercising. She has to rest for some weeks/months before starting any physical activity. Once the resting phase is over, she can work towards transforming her body with proper diet and exercise. 

How Long Does It Take for Postpartum Body to Go Away?

For many women, it takes around 6 to 8 weeks after childbirth to return to normalcy. For others, it might take months. But here, “normalcy” might not include weight loss. A change in weight might take its own sweet time. The common post-baby weight loss strategies may work for some women, whereas others may not find them beneficial. 


Facts on Healthy Postpartum Body Changes

The following are some facts that women need to remember.

  • Pregnancy and childbirth are life-altering phases. A woman cannot just look normal the next day of the delivery. Get to know some of the top pregnancy myths!
  • The amount of weight loss differs from person to person. Many lose pounds very easily but most take a lot of time and effort to lose that extra flab.
  • A woman should avoid eating less as the body needs energy and nutrients.
  • It is not advisable to hit the gym within days of childbirth.
  • Giving the body the needed time and taking care of the posture are recommended.
  • Postpartum recovery time depends on the type of delivery a woman has. It might take longer for a C-section.

How Long Does It Take To Get in Shape Postpartum?

The time to return to the original body size and shape varies from one woman to another. It will never happen overnight. Depending on the diet, exercise, and original weight, a woman’s body will take some time to recover and return to normalcy.

How Long Does It Take for Your Body to Shrink after Pregnancy?

If you have been overweight or obese throughout your life, shrinking to a healthier weight after delivery will be challenging. It might take several months or even a couple of years to reach a healthy weight. It depends on your genes as well. Based on hereditary factors, the duration for your body to shrink or switch over to your normal weight will vary.


How Do Models Get Back in Shape after Pregnancy?

Numerous models have been an inspiration to moms who are going through their postpartum phase. And, there are many success stories in postpartum transformation. Some say that they start with 20-minute workouts, and then increase the duration of their exercises every day. Some other models mix up running, swimming, and working out at the gym. When it comes to getting back in shape, strengthening the core muscles is important.

Several models, who have returned to their red carpet looks months after delivery, emphasize being gentle and patient. One must understand that the body has to go through postpartum transformation week by week, and hurrying through it will not work.

Effective Postpartum Fitness Tips

Utilize the following tips for postpartum body confidence.

  • Start with just a few minutes of slow exercise every day.
  • Do not overestimate and push yourself to the extremes as it may just harm your body.
  • Take your doctor’s advice before doing any exercise.
  • Take care of your diet because this is the time when you need a lot of energy to take care of yourself and your baby.
  • If you feel low on energy, take proper rest.
  • Avoid overeating.
  • Take care of your mental health by relaxing at regular intervals.

Postpartum Workout Routines

Pelvic floor exercises are recommended as part of postpartum workout routines. Walking will also be good for your body. Starting your daily workout routine with walking for 10 to 15 minutes is a wise idea. While other exercises involve a lot of effort on your part, walking just needs some motivation to get up from your bed! And once you begin to love walking in the wee hours of the morning, you will stick to it every day.


You can also adjust your walking/workout routine based on your newborn’s sleep timings. The first few weeks after delivery might be taxing, but we recommend that you hang in there because motherhood is also about sweet surprises and endless joys. While you enjoy spending time with your baby, read about how the scent of a newborn impacts the mother.

Did you like our blog on postpartum body transformation? We hope that you and your baby stay healthy and happy!