stay focused for a workout

Unwavering and focused approach towards workout!

Every New Year, majority of people take a resolution to stay fit and healthy. They vow to workout every day, religiously without getting distracted by any other thing in their life. But, how many people are able to continue with this resolution? Studies indicate that almost 80-90 percent people forget about this resolution in a matter of short time. It is human nature that the activity we do not find interesting we tend to move away at a faster pace than anything else. Workout is one such activity. If one loves this activity, he will never face the problem of distraction, but people for whom workout is just a means to an end, finds this activity quite tiresome. This is the reason that by January end or the beginning of February, they forget everything about this resolution, and as such are back to square one. Every body needs tender love and care 24x7x365. In order to stay focused for a workout, there are few steps one must follow.

Decide your goal

The first step to stay focused towards workout regimen is to set a realistic goal that can be attained with reasonable efforts. It is very important to set a goal that can be achieved, as many times people set quite high standards that become elusive. Slowly and gradually, they start getting de-motivated and the focus towards this activity wavers. Start with a small goal say 10 minutes of cardio every day. Increase the time as well as intensity after a week. Give your body a chance. Once you start getting results, you will start loving this activity.

Maintain daily diary

Many times, people hit plateau after working out relentlessly for some time but seeing no results. Maintaining a diary and small goals that have been achieved so far will keep you inspired to continue. You can jot down all those exercises you did on a specific date or foods you chose to eat for staying fit. You can also note variations in exercises and sessions, reps of exercises, time taken, etc in your diary. This will help you stay focused.

Start with simple exercises

Many people start complicated and tough exercises on the very first day of workout. Since the body is not used to such strenuous effort, one feels drained after the first session. Going for the next session becomes a Herculean task, as a result. Thus, one must always begin with simple exercises and slowly and gradually move towards complex activities.

Seek a partner

Working out alone may become quite boring and soon you may lose interest in the activity. To overcome this problem, you can have a partner. You can ask your friend or your spouse to join you. Two motivated souls can bring about a difference at a faster pace in comparison to one lone soul working out alone.

Keeping in mind above mentioned ways, one can stay focused and motivated for a workout and get excellent results in a reasonable time.