Everyone loves to see a perfectly sculpted body and wish they could have the same. However, this desire remains the dream only for many of us. It is hard to maintain a fit and healthy body. A healthy diet along with proper exercise can make you get your old curves back. One has to follow his exercise routine stringently to get the desired result. Immense determination, stamina and regular routine in the workouts can give a model body.

For those who want to bring their old curves back need to follow some simple workout routine. Below are the workouts that are followed widely.

  • The first step in starting the workout is getting rid of the excess fat that has collected in the body. Daily running for 10 minutes at a higher speed can be really beneficial.
  • Muscle building is the next stage and involves weight training. This workout helps to build the lean muscle in the body without the development of fat.  Along with this routine, keep a check on what you eat. Eating wrong things will delay the final result as you may end up eating a lot of calories. Weight training exercises can include different exercises for the chest, back, arm, abs, legs and shoulders.
  • Pilates is a form of exercise that improves flexibility and focus on the difficult areas like the abs and the buttocks. Pilates is a fitness regime that was developed in the 20th century and it was invented by a German trainer Joseph Pilates. Pilates concentrates on the core muscles and strengthen them. It is neither a cardio nor an aerobic exercise. Pilates strengthen these core muscles by working on the muscles of hips, pelvis, spine and abdomen.
  • A few Pilates exercises can be done at home for a great body. Try one leg circle, roll up, etc. These exercises can be easily done at home and do not require any equipment. They help in getting a flat abdomen and one can get rid of the flab from the hip and strengthening them. If these exercises are included in your daily routine, it can be beneficial to sculpt your body well.
  • Treadmill exercises like walking, jogging, running and uphill climb can be very easy and one can experience great results. It is advised to practice brisk walking for two weeks, then jogging for one week and followed by running. Running will help you get back in shape. Uphill climb can be practiced only when your body is used to the brisk walking, jogging and running.
  • Cycling can also help tightening the abdomen muscles. Cycling can give you flat abs only if you can stay away from carbs, sugar and junk food.
  • Always remember that any kind of exercise has to be followed by a perfect diet. Without the proper intake, the exercise will never show results.
  • Yoga workouts can help a person overcome the mental and physical stress. Yoga is an Indian exercise which is an old form of exercise used by yogis, where the mind is given much importance. Yoga improves flexibility, increases lubrication in the joints and ligaments along with the strengthening of the muscles.

Above 10 minute exercise can help you have your old curves back. Otherwise Click Here! to  get a strong and lean body and impress all now.