Precautions need to take while getting manicure

Soft, beautiful hands surely add charm to your beauty. Manicure is necessary to maintain the softness and beauty of your hands. Many of us visit a spa or salon to perform this beauty treatment. However, some points need to be kept in mind.

A Manicure is a treatment of cleansing and nourishing hands. It is a beauty treatment and is performed by beauty professionals in a beauty salon or spa. The manicure specially involves the cleaning of the nails and the fingers that involves steps like filling the nails, massage of the hands, shaping of the nails and the treatment ends by applying of the nail polish on the cleaned nails. Some nail spas and salons have started the nail art designs on the nails after the manicure is done.

Millions of women visit regularly the salons every year, but some salons and spas do not maintain the necessary hygiene and cleanliness in the place and results in nail infections and fungus.

A few simple steps can be followed before you get your next manicure done. Here are some points to consider-

  • It is always safe to do a manicure at home. We get all types of ‘Do It Yourself’ manicure kits in the market. Using them at home will prevent your nails and fingers from all types of infections as you are the only one using the kit. Make sure that all the instruments are cleaned and disinfected after every use so that they are safe to use the next time.
  • If you visit the spa or the salon for the manicure, remove the old nail polish at home. Carry the new nail polish along with you when you are going to the salon for your manicure appointment.
  • When you visit the salon, check if the salon is clean and hygienic. Ask the staff if they have disinfected and washed the instruments they need for the manicure. Check if the trash container covered properly, there is good light, clean and free dust bins. A few things can make you understand the hygiene of the place. The staff should always wash hands after every service they provide.
  • Ask the manicurists if they have washed the manicure tub and disinfected it. The tub is used for every client and the client steps bare feet in it. So it should be cleaned and disinfected after every use.
  • Manicurist should wash their own hands, instruments. Further, he towels should be disposed after every use.
  • Never use the towels and napkins again and again. They should be disposed after every client.
  • Never share the manicure tools with your friend, if you have visited the salon together or using a do it yourself kit at home.
  • Nail Brushes and other instruments should be available in plenty in the salon.
  • Ask for the use of cuticle softener instead of a cuticle scissor.

Never be afraid of telling these basic changes to the salon owner. Change the salon if these suggestions are not getting followed. Your safety is important than the salon. The above steps are simple enough, but if not taken seriously can be a hygiene threat to your fingers and nails.