6 Things you should never wear to the gym

A lot of us head to the gym looking all frumpy. We do not realize the importance of gym clothing. Firstly, a good fitting outfit permits us comfort while working out. Secondly, if you look stylish, it gives you more motivation to work out.

But there are something’s best left at home instead of worn at the gym.

1.Loose fitted bra

A well fitted bra is essential to work out. If you wear a lose bra you are surely to cause a hindrance in workout as you lose out on the actual impact of the workout that you are doing. Buy a sports bra that gives your bust proper support when you carry out intensive workouts such as jogging or extreme stretches.

2.Cotton Fabric clothing

While cotton maybe good to wear for sensitive skin, it is not a preferred choice of clothing while working out at the gym. Cotton absorbed in the clothing does not dry easily and remains damp and therefore gives room for growth of bacteria on sweaty skin. Opt to wear quick drying fabrics that absorb sweat.


While it might be alright to wear basic jewelry like small earring or a few rings. Do not attempt to wear any jewelry that hang swings or hinders your workout.  Such hanging or obtrusive jewelry can get stuck in the gym equipment and even hinder you from doing a proper workout. So leave them behind at home.

4.Loud ear gear

Music does provide motivation to workout. But remember to tone down the volume of those headphones. It is very important of you to be aware of your surroundings when you work out. You cannot just drown yourself in the music and fail to notice a fire alarm or any other emergency that may arise. Keep your music at a level that you can hear a person when he is addressing you.

5.Worn-out footwear

If you have a sole that keep falling off and despite this you keep sticking it back on, its time you switch over to a new pair. Working out in shoes that are in a bad condition is harmful for your feet and your body as a whole. Athletic shoes needs to provide proper support to the heels and arc of the feet.

6.Loose clothing

Take care not to wear loose clothing in the gym so that you can prevent accidents of any nature. Loose fitted clothes can get stuck in a treadmill or even in other equipment. Wear comfortable clothes but not too lose that they pose a threat to you in the gym

It’s always better to be safer than sorry.