keep yourself motivated for your daily workout

You are reading this means surely you have enrolled into a fitness regime and then have given up after a few months. Why it is so? Every one of us needs motivation to do a thing because we get bored of the same things slowly. So, what is the solution? Here are a few tips that can make you stay motivated for your daily workout.

  1. Set your aim / goals – Set simple and smaller goals. Once you achieve them, set longer goals. One needs to work hard to achieve your goals. You have to set realistic goals. One can get easily bored and frustrated. Keep a track of your workout everyday. Changes in the workout can make you feel you are trying something new and will motivate you. Keep a diary of your diet and write down the things that you have consumed in a particular day. Analyze and reduce the calorie consumption.
  2. Fun workouts – Enroll in activities that you enjoy. It can be anything from a sports session or a ballroom dancing class. Discover the workout that you enjoy. Do not drag yourself in the activity that you do not want to do. Instead something interesting with a lot of company can be fun. It can be a squash session with a friend or a dance aerobics class. Make sure that you stick with the activity you like.
  3. Read Inspiring notes and stories – Read stories that can help you stay motivated. Reading books or blogs of people that are related to your goal will give you new ideas. It will boost your morale and push you near your aim. Read things that are related to your personal goal. Example – If you aim at losing or controlling your weight, then read books that give you some tips related to it. Read blogs and reviews of celebrities and artists who have undergone a tremendous weight loss? Get ideas from their stories.
  4. Pamper – Don’t be too strict on yourself if you miss a workout session. Instead give yourself a day off in a month. Indulge in good food or go for a quiet dinner with your family. Go for a hot body massage or a hair spa session to rejuvenate you. Add some fun to your mundane schedule. You will realize the extra calories you have eaten and need to get rid of those. These small changes can motivate you and take you closer towards your goal.
  5. Experiment – Experiment with your workout. If you are bored of your gym and do not want to go back, and then start with a dance aerobics class or a tennis class that will add some fun. Change in the exercise will help you unwind a new side of you. Enrolling for a team sport event is fun as you have many players and can be a healthy competition. You can see positive changes. When you discover that you can do something new, it feels confident and motivated.

Getting fit can make you feel great and confident. We never realize that when we motivate us for a workout regularly, we motivate our kids and family too. We can set a good example in front of them.