Hey girls!! Are you planning to take care of your skin and health in a better way? Many products may work to meet all your needs. But, we came up with an interesting thing that is going to help you!! Have you ever heard about collagen powders? If your answer is no, don’t worry!! We are here to help you out. Let us jump into the blog to know about them in detail. 

What is Collagen Powder?


Collagen is nothing but a protein that is responsible for your healthy bones, tendons, and ligaments, and even for maintaining the elasticity of your skin. It is a primary block of your skin and even for many other connecting tissues. Collagen proteins are made from amino acids, which produce collagen into proline, glycine, and hydroxyproline. These amino acids bound together to form protein fibrils in a triple helix structure. Three-quarters of your skin is made of collagen, the most plenteous protein in the body. 

What are the Different Types of Collagens?


There are 28 types of collagens in the body. They are different in terms of how the molecules are put together, and how collagen is used in the body.

  • Type I is thickly packed and strengthens the skin, bones, tendons, and ligaments.
  • Type II collagen can be found in the elastic cartilage that supports joints.
  • Type III can be found in blood vessels, muscles, and internal organs.
  • Type IV is found in the layers of the skin.
  • Type V collagen is found in the placental tissue, layers of skin, hair, and cornea. 

Uses of Collagen Powder 

Here are some of the collagen powder benefits. 

1. Collagen Powders for Skin Elasticity


Collagen is the primary compound of every skin. This collagen helps preserve the skin elasticity and skin sagging. Also, it boosts your skin hydration and will help you minimize wrinkles and fine lines. The study says that the intake of collagen supplements contains peptides, vitamin C, hibiscus, etc. These will give you a significant improvement in your skin elasticity and it can also slow down the aging process and dryness. 

2. Collagen Powders for Hair Growth


Are you facing hair fall? Don’t worry!!! Collagen powder can help you reduce hair fall and provide you with the blocks of proteins that your hair needs. It also helps strengthen your hair and promotes hair growth. In addition, collagen contains amino acids, that create keratin and it may prevent your hair from becoming dry and brittle, which may lead to breakage. 

3. Collagen for Joint Relief


Collagen has a special immune-mediated system which is called oral tolerance, that helps strengthen the cartilage, the rubber-like tissue that supports the joints to get relief from such joint disorders like osteoarthritis, etc. If you start taking collagen supplements you will feel the difference from pain and also the improvement of joint stiffness. 

4. Collagen for Bone Density 

Collagen is the major constituent of the bone system. Research shows that collagen peptides mainly increase the organic substances in the bone because bones are largely built of collagen, which helps them stay strong. If you consume collagen supplements in the perfect amount you can notice the strongness in the bones. A study says that 66 post-menopausal women who had 5 grams of collagen supplements daily for 12 months have exhibited up to 7% increase in their bone mineral density. 

5. Collagen Powders for Muscle Recovery and Growth


Collagen is rich in amino acids, proline, and hydroxyproline, among these proteins present in the body, and helps the skeletal muscle to recover and to connect the tissues. Research says that taking collagen supplements may help increase the synthesis of collagen proteins and drive muscular growth, reducing muscle soreness.  

6. Collagen Powders for Nails 


Consuming collagen powder may help grow nails faster and stronger. Also, it prevents your nails from brittleness. 

What Habits Will Damage the Collagen? 

These are some of the factors that will make your collagen damage. 

1. Smoking 


Continued smoking will surely decrease your body’s collagen production. It will start to damage the collagen and lead to wrinkles and other bone-related problems. 

2. Intake of Too Much Sugar 

Overeating sugar will also damage your actual collagen. The reason is, the sugar will have the ability to attract the proteins to form glycation. So when these molecules are present in your body, it will start to make the nearby proteins weak and dry. 

Ways to Use Collagen Powders

a, Add it With a Smoothie


Smoothies can be a great option to add collagen powders. Do you think it tastes bad? A big no!! Try this!! Blend your favorite collagen powder into a chocolate dessert smoothie and mix ½ cup plain Greek yogurt, 1 banana, and 1 spoon of chocolate syrup, blend them, and have a smoothie treat. 

b, Stir It Into Coffee or Tea 


You can even enjoy your coffee or tea with the collagen powders. It won’t change your coffee or tea taste because the powder gets easily dissolved in the coffee or tea. Better try adding some creamy milk just to hide the textural changes. 

I hope this blog helps you know more about collagen powders and their uses. But know that collagen is well tolerated with few adverse effects. Some supplements are prepared from fish, shellfish, and eggs. People with allergies should consult a health adviser in advance of consumption. Else you could purchase supplements that don’t contain allergens.