Though many of us take ageing as a burden, there are some who accept that age is just a number. Positively, more years of living brings you more knowledge, experience, success and much more that life has to offer.

Currently, age is no longer taken as what it used to be earlier. Previously, life expectancy from birth used to be somewhere around 65 to 70 years for women in 1900. Today, that has increased to over 80 to 90 years. In the early days, people lived in a much cleaner and fresher environment. They also had the opportunity to eat more organic foods.

However, nowadays we are more conscious about our health and fitness. And, yes many aged people are living healthy vivacious lives. There are 101-year-old athletes, yoga instructors who are 98 and plenty of men and women who launch new careers and businesses in their 40s or 50s. We get to see many examples of successful women who are ageing gracefully, in the media.

So, here are some useful tips on how we can age with grace, beauty, health and happiness.


A balanced diet helps us get rid of many aging-related effects. A diet rich in fruits, protein and vegetables with plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is necessary. This will help in our weight management. Proper nutrition reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses and controls blood pressure. Nutritious timely diets keep us mentally sharp and active.

Decrease your sodium intake by using alternatives like spice, lemon and fresh herbs in foods. Avoid processed foods such as canned goods, cereal, frozen convenience foods, deli meats and carbonated beverages which may contain hidden sodium.


Perhaps, the theory applies to everyone – less sleep leads to exhaustion, dull skin and laziness. Good  sound sleep is hygienic. We’ve heard most beauty experts recommending plenty of sleep, i.e.  7-8 hours per night to look and feel renewed and rejuvenated the next morning. Our skin cells build and repair themselves while sleeping, regulating the cortisol or stress hormone levels.

Sometimes, we may not get the right amount of sleep due to certain reasons. But, we should always aim for uninterrupted sleep. Go to bed as early as possible everyday. Avoid things that will disrupt your sleep patterns. Especially keep your mobile phones switched off and a little away from you while resting. This may help improve your mobile phone’s longevity as well.

Our bodies are composed of 50-60% water. Drinking water regularly flushes out toxins and aids in digestion. It improves our focus and even helps lose more weight. Water repairs dry and flaky skin, fine lines, makes our skin glow and ultimately, we may look younger.


Every woman craves for a firm and glowing skin. Most of us just want to leave our age for the world to guess. Firstly, it’s our skin that reflects our age. So, we need to take great care of it. Sun rays damage the skin faster than anything else. Though, sun is the source of vitamin D, we always need to protect ourselves with sunscreen, sunglasses, scarves, etc. Consult a proper beautician or use suitable creams and cosmetics or natural anti-ageing remedies like face packs, etc.


Well, we all agree that this materialistic life is full of stressors.  Unfortunately, stress, depression and hypertension cause us to look older, identified by wrinkles and loose skin. Of course, a disciplined lifestyle mainly in terms of eating and sleeping habits will help in stress reduction. Smoking, drinking, drugs and other unhealthy activities can prove harmful.

Higher blood pressure, lack of sleep, weight gain and loss are the adverse effects of stress. Defeat your stress by drinking enough water, exercising, maintaining good dental hygiene and taking preventative medicine, if only required. Keep yourself happy by self-care; go for outings, picnics, vacations, shopping with those you enjoy fully.


Never stop learning. Life is full of opportunities to learn new things like latest technology, enhance our skills, and foster new talents. It’s for us to grab those chances and move ahead. Carry on with your hobbies and passions. Take yoga, zumba or dance classes. Keep reading, writing, watching and moving as much as you can. Exercising, moving or walking slows ageing at the cellular level and keeps us young. Plus, active metabolism makes us feel more energetic and flexible.


An important way of ageing gracefully is by being aware of your current body structure and filling your wardrobe with what suits and fits you the best. And yes, your lingerie choices are also a major factor to consider. Good collection of lingerie, will help reduce breast sagging and will keep your body in excellent form. Stay trendy and fashionable. Don’t let go off that oomph factor anytime.

So, folks, adults often report of gaining more peace and happiness while getting older. However, passage of time should be productive and fruitful. Life is too short to fuss and cry. Instead we can try to spend the rest of our lives in peace, joy and love. It can get better and better always!