Lose Weight with No Crash Diet

Crash dieting is one of the most popular methods of losing weights. Most people prefer a crash diet course over any other weight-loss program both because it does not take up any time or serious effort and it yields the desired results much faster than any other program. It is simpler than most diet plans because it only involves a drastic cut-back on your natural daily diet. You only eat the amount you need to live, and not more. As a result, you stand to lose those extra pounds in a matter of days. But scientifically, this poses serious health-risks as well.

The essence of any crash-diet is to semi-starve your body so that it burns up all those unused calories. But this is not the healthy way to lose weight.

  1. The primary factor is that a crash diet is not a nutritionally balanced diet. As you eat a bare minimum, your body slows down its metabolism, leaving you weak and unhealthy.
  2. Cutting back on most of the food items available implies that you might suffer from a lack of important nutrients including vitamins and minerals not to mention carbohydrates which provide calories.
  3. As you eat less, your body would be reluctant to burn enough calories. So you might actually lose your ability to burn calories in the long run.
  4. Most people availing of crash course diets fall prey to the yo-yo effect. It is basically a weight-loss trap. As your body goes through rapid weight loss, it would gain more in double quick time once you are through with the crash diet course. This is because your body wants to make up for the loss by storing up again quickly. So as soon as you start eating normal diets, you would gain weight fast.
  5. Crash diets can also lead to eating disorders including bulimia and anorexia thereby resulting in serious health deterioration. This may affect the internal functioning of the anatomical organs as well.
  6. As your body receives less food, you tend to get mood-swings. You get irritated easily and you feel lethargic all the time. These do not help your physical vitality at all. While you might lose weight after all, it will neither be permanent, nor a healthy natural process.

There are certainly better ways to lose weight than a crash diet.

  1. None more so than a well balanced diet involving a lot of fruits and food that is fibrous.
  2. Long gaps between meals are to be avoided, especially skipping crucial meals like breakfast. This is so because the body feels it needs to store up as much as possible whenever it gets food. You should never keep your body hungry for long and keep it satiated at regular intervals.
  3. Eating should be an activity that you enjoy. So concentrating on your food is recommended while you eat. Any other activity at meal-time does not help your cause.