preparePrenatal’ the word is termed as the ‘care’ which is advised to women during pregnancy. Prenatal care involves regular checkups and following a proper diet. A few basic exercises can help a healthy pregnancy in women. Prenatal Yoga plays a vital role in a pregnant woman’s life. A ‘would-be mother’ can consider prenatal yoga for her. It not only has its own benefits for the mother and the baby but can also help the mother to prepare for labor mentally and physically.

Prenatal Yoga Benefits

The Prenatal yoga classes are much like any other prenatal classes. The benefits are more as compared to other forms of exercise. It improves flexibility. It helps to focus on breathing and mental concentration which is needed during labor. Research has proved in many countries that prenatal yoga is safe and healthy for pregnant women and babies.

  1. It improves flexibility
  2. No Nausea
  3. Improves strength and endurance needed for childbirth
  4. No lower back pain
  5. No shortness of breath
  6. Improves sleep
  7. No headaches
  8. Bonding with other women


  • Stretching –Start prenatal yoga with simple stretching. You will be happy to move different areas of your body. This has to be practiced very gently with the neck, arms, and legs.
  • Deep Breathing – You will be taught breathing techniques which can be helpful during the childbirth. Breathing is done through the nose making deep sounds. These breathing styles are a part of Pranayam, which is related to yoga. Breathing along with humming can be useful and these techniques can manage the short breath and can help you handle the labor contractions.
  • Poses – Different postures are done by lying on the ground, sitting, and standing. Yoga Poses included in the prenatal classes focus on flexibility and balance. Uses of props are done in the class. A guide can use anything from a blanket to belts and cushions. They provide balance and support.
  • Relax – Every prenatal class has to end with a relaxation. Every pregnant woman must cool down and relax. They have to relax their muscles and should get their heart rate normal. Concentrate on your breathing rhythm while relaxing which can calm you from inside.
  • Never lie on your stomach – Do not try any poses that put pressure on your stomach. Never try any poses that make you lie on your stomach. For pregnant women, postures can be changed if they include lying on the stomach.
  • No Backbends – The first few months are safer for a would-be mother and she can try many poses, but as her belly grows, the abdomen muscles grow and this sets limitations for some yoga poses. In such a condition, practicing backbends can cause some critical problems during delivery.
  • Rest – Slow down your routine during pregnancy and rest more than normal. Even if you practice prenatal yoga, it is okay to stop in between a pose and relax. Take short naps whenever required.

All these prenatal yoga tips will help you get ready for labor and deliver a healthy baby.