Serious woman in sports bra doing sit-ups on exercise mat

Sports Bra is made to give every woman comfort and physical health and they should be selected wisely. Rather than thinking about the fashion its comfort, functionality and texture should be your concern while choosing sports bra. Most of the sports gurus say that only 15% to 20% women wear the right sports bra. When you think of buying the sports bra for yourself, you have to think of the right one and the perfect one for yourself that leads to comfort, and an active and easy movement. It should cause you less injury while providing perfect support. Get the sports bra of your size and make sure that offers the best support so that you can fully focus on your activity or sport.

These sports bras come in different styles. They are Low Impact, Medium Impact and High Impact. They can also be further categorized into Max Support, High Support and Medium Support. The support is provided to the breasts if you are into any activity. No woman will ever want unnecessary movement of the breasts while running or jogging.

Here are tips  to pick the perfect sports bra

  1. Select the sports bra cleverly. If you think the things can come out, when you raise your arms, get another bra and snug the things up. You can try different brands of sports bras to get the comfort.
  2. When you feel the rib band is going higher from the front side of the bra, then the bra might be a wrong one for you. Try a smaller or a bigger bra size.
  3. Beware of the cup size. Do not try to fit in the smaller cup size for fashion. The breasts may ogle out from the side or top of the bra. Simply chose the bigger cup size for more comfort. Remember comfort and health overcomes fashion.
  4. Similarly a bigger cup size will show wrinkles on the bra. When the bra is too loose, chafing can happen and it may look ugly.
  5. When you have smaller chests, wear a branded sports bra and look for light fabrics.
  6. Wear a slightly tighter sports bra than your normal regular bra. It should not be so tight that you cannot breathe.
  7. Strictly no chafing in the armpits. Do not take sports bras with hooks or snaps.
  8. Move your hand above your head; if the rib cage band moves up, then you need a smaller size of sports bra.
  9. The fabric of the cup should be tight and smooth without any wrinkles. These wrinkles indicate that the cup size is wrong or too big.
  10. Test different bras for the best support and comfort. After trying different bras you may feel the comfort and the difference in them.

Finding the perfect match for you will be often difficult, but after testing a dozen of them, you may find the one which is the best fit for you. With above do’s,  here are some tips to take care of sports bras. Wash it in the cold water with a mild detergent. Avoid bleach or hard detergents. Dry it on the line and if you use a dryer to dry the sports bra, use the cold tumble mode.