Investing in some particular asset and getting a sky-high return all the time is a fantasy dream. There is a frequent googled question on the internet “Which investments have the best returns in India?” If you want to taste a wealthy amount by investing your hard-earned money then be careful with picking the right investment option that suits you the best. And yes, you may be put in a situation to lose some amount during the learning and relearning process of a smart investment strategy. Research a lot about the risk factors and return policy. 

A majority of people in India are salaried in the private sector, self-business, and small-scale industries. So it’s vital to analyze with thousand eyes before spending your money on shares. In this blog, we have listed some of the safe investments in India. Because every money matters!

People search for high-return and low-risk options, within a short span of time but unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. Risk and results go directly hand in hand!

Check out some of the investment options you can do, 

Direct Equity 

To know the risk factor of stock markets first learn what is stock. A stock is a share or equity, that represents ownership in a company. When you buy a stock, you are purchasing a small piece of that particular company’s ownership. 

Stock is direct equity. The transparent motive of investors to buy stocks with the expectation of increasing shares. In the future allowing them to sell at a higher price to make a huge profit. Well sounds good right? Turn onto the other side as well. Investing in stocks might also decrease the value of the share resulting in a loss.  So, it’s high time to get started with your detailed research about the fundamentals of a company, for example: how the company makes money, its future plans, and risk tolerance. 

Consider hiring a financial advisor to get a deep knowledge of stock markets                                                    

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds typically invest in a wide range of securities, which helps spread the risk. By pooling money from many investors, the fund can afford to buy a diversified portfolio, which reduces the impact of individual security performance on the overall investment. On behalf of the investors, a professional fund manager will take any decisions related to the shares. These managers have expertise in researching and selecting securities, aiming to achieve the fund’s investment objectives.


Gold is a great asset to invest in. It is a safe and liquid asset. One of the main reasons why investors find gold as an option is because it has the potential to retain its value and is considered an inflation hedge during recent decades and a safe investment in India. Also, consider the gold investment scheme. 


Employee provident fund is a must-have investing option if you are a salaried employee for a long-term period. It’s purely on a retirement planning fund, both the employer and employee contribute about 12% of the basic salary. The maturity amount and interest amount are tax-free when you satisfy the required years of employment. 

Post Office Schemes

The Indian Post Office offers a range of schemes, including savings schemes like the Post Office Savings Account, Monthly Income Scheme, and Public Provident Fund. It also provides insurance through Postal Life Insurance and focuses on the welfare of the girl child with Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana. Additionally, there are schemes like Kisan Vikas Patra, Postal Fixed Deposit, and Senior Citizens Savings Scheme. These schemes offer safe investment options, regular income, tax benefits, and attractive interest rates. It’s essential to stay updated with the latest information from the official website or visit the nearest post office for details on these schemes. Anyone can invest here, yes! The best part is, in some of the tasks a minimum investment of Rs.500 is required to proceed. Post office investment is undisputedly safe. 

Hope you enjoyed the blog and got to know more about safe investment in India. This may be useful and safe when you implement a smart investment strategy. 

Invest Smart! Happy returns!