The ‘30s’ are important years in an individual’s life. It carries a lot of memories from the past and responsibility toward the future. This phase of life holds the experiences from naughty childhood, active teenage, and sexy twenties altogether. 

Physical and psychological changes happen in the 30s. Let us see what are all the things to be avoided in your 30s.

Mistakes to avoid in your 30s

Holding to old grudges

Heal yourself by letting all the worthless grudges vanish from deep down in the mind and heart. You will feel the bliss after you ‘Forget and Forgive.’  

Say ‘no’ to smoking

Smoking is never a good option. This will eventually lead to many health issues such as lung cancer, throat cancer, asthma, and breathing issues. 

Toxic friendship

Friendship plays a vital role in everybody’s life. ‘Great friends make great history.’ Be choosy about having people you are keeping close to you. 

Family time

Not everyone has a good connection with family, but if they are really into your well-being and on good terms with you, don’t take them for granted. Give quality time to your family. If you are married and have kids, they need your attention and love. Being with a family and making memories is what you would cherish in your older days.

Canceling plans at the last minute

Everyone is busy and acts according to their priorities. It is not appreciated to cancel plans at the neck of the moment. This may ruin your relationship with loved ones.

Being alone 

If you are not married and enjoying being alone or had a bad relationship and broke up, it is all fine. There is nothing to be afraid of trusting and welcoming a new relationship in your 30s. 

Don’t skip travel

Plan new trips along with your family and friends at least twice a year. This will make you alive.

You need some break from the regular monotonous work life. Manage to plan trips along with your loved ones, whose company will make you feel great.

Procrastinating workout

Procrastinating exercise would be one of the careless things to stop doing in your 30s. It is not important that you are totally into gym and yoga all the time, but you can start with minimal sets of workouts (like 5-minute workouts or one set of Surya-namaskar). This will help in keeping your mind fresh and focused.

Financial Mistakes To Avoid

Spending without saving

It is high time for you to save money also. If you are spending your complete salary (if you are working) without saving some pennies for the present and future, it is merely bad. Spending everything you make is not productive from the future point of view.

Building up-credit cards

Don’t buy anything and everything you come across or to which you are attracted. Avoid crossing the credit limit. Use it only for shopping associated with credit card offers or for any emergencies.

Unnecessary shopping 

Avoid doing unnecessary shopping. ‘Planned shopping’- making a list of items and then going for purchase would help you effectively not get diverted towards unwanted products on the aisle.

No knowledge of investment

No proper study, analysis, or awareness regarding investments is not a better choice. Get educated, and start thinking about investing in some safe funds which would be appropriate for you (such as Mutual Funds, Systematic investment plans, LIC, and paper gold).

Foods to Avoid in Your 30s

Food intake is a very crucial part to be given attention when the subject of discussion is ‘Things to Stop Doing in Your 30s.’ Here are some foods to be avoided in your 30s. 

Oily foods

When it comes to ‘things to avoid in your 30s,’ oily foods cannot be missed. Avoid more intake of fried items (mainly during dinner). This can cause congestion in the bloodstream with fat deposits, resulting in heart disease and fatty liver. Go for the healthy option of fresh vegetables and fruits instead.

Excess sugar intake

Sugar level needs to be addressed properly to avoid getting affected by Type-2 diabetes. Reduce white sugar consumption, by replacing it with natural supplements like country sugar, and honey.

Carbonated drinks

Fizzy drinks will spoil the gut and keep you bloated all the time. It is good not to slide to the side of carbonated drinks. Fresh juices are the best option.