1. Learn to self regulate

Control and modify your facial expressions in a group except happy moments. Not everything needs an emotional reaction and especially office is not a place to ride on emotions. Take criticisms in a positive way and use it to improve yourself. Be cautious about exhibiting your expressions. They speak louder than your words.

2. Choose your battle

Not everything needs an immediate solution. Not everything that comes your way needs your attention. But be assertive of what is happening around you and speak up for yourself when needs arise. Instead of raising your voice for each and everything choose the situations otherwise people will brand you as a problem maker.

3. Watch for the baits

Be intuitive and avoid circumstances in which you feel you are being played by others. Trust your gut feeling. Don’t believe in sweet talks. Be skeptical when people are too nice with you. Probably they want something from you or they want you to act in a way that would put you in a hard situation later.

4. Improve your skills constantly

Learn through various means and improve your work skills. Read a lot and be updated with what is new in your current working area.

5. Listen more and pay attention during meetings

Never give comments on anyone’s work unless you are asked to. Don’t criticize others’ ideas. Listen to them carefully and give a positive opinion. Pay proper attention during meetings and if you have doubts get them clarified then and there.

6. Never give up on honesty

Honest people possess a strong character. Honesty is the most valued possession that not many people harbor in an office environment. There will be testing times. But never sacrifice on your integrity.

7. Don’t be naïve

You may want to keep a distance from people who play bad politics but it is usually not a good idea. It is important to gel well with everyone regardless of their intensions for great team work. Be friendly with everyone. But choose the people you can trust. However, it’s not necessary that you share all your thoughts and perceptions to the people that you have just started trusting. Be aware; don’t beware!

8. Let go of the past

Learn to let go of past blues. You have learnt through your mistakes which you will not repeat and you will become cautious from your past experiences with others. Learn to ignore unpleasant things and concentrate more on your productivity.

Think from the company’s point of view that you can’t let your personal issues and past grudge with co-workers affect all of your work output.

Good luck!