Interacting with new colleagues

Communication plays a vital role in a professional work environment. With an environment of professionals from diversified stream, it often becomes difficult to communicate or hit the right conversation with colleagues around us. Professionals often find it difficult to break that ice with the peer professionals or new colleagues. People often hesitate and try to escape from the situation. But since it is a work atmosphere, work cannot be accomplished by avoiding communication with one another. Thus this article is dedicated for people who find it difficult to start communication with new colleagues. By referring to the below stated points, people can indeed hit the right conversation with their colleagues and employees.

How can I start interacting with new colleagues?

Since all are new at first go in a work atmosphere, people often hesitate to take the first move in interacting with their colleagues. Hence, people can follow the following steps and hit upon the right conversation.

  1. Ask a query or help-This is one of the great ways of initiating conversation with colleagues. Even though we know that the colleague would not be able to solve this query, one can still ask for help anytime. This will open doors for further communication. Apart from work query, people can even ask for directions towards washroom or cafe. Many a times, colleagues often escort as well.
  2. Talk about background-It can also turn out to be a healthy conversation if a person asks about educational and work experience of the colleague. It becomes really interesting in knowing about the education and experience of one another.
  3. New discussions-New people can discuss easily as both of them are new to the premise. One can discuss the expectations from new job. Also a person can ask about the previous experiences or education from that person.
  4. Talk about the weather-Weather can also be a good medium for talking about. There is much that can be talked about weather. This initiates the scope for extending the conversation as well. Weather can often make two strangers known to one another. Apart from this, one can even discuss about the temperature of AC and ask whether it needs to be increased of Switched off.
  5. Discuss current affairs-In a corporate atmosphere, people need to be updated with current affairs. Thus they can discuss the current affairs, their impact on economy, etc… with their colleagues.
  6. Ask about Holidays in office-One can even start the conversation by asking about holidays. Holidays are something which people look out for. It is also a great topic for making conversation. One can inquire about the number of holidays approved or how many holidays are sanctioned on will, etc…
  7. Complement in case of any achievement- The conversation can be hit right if a person compliments the new colleague. It will boost once confidence and help in extending the conversation. Also, employees can give birthday, anniversary wishes, etc… once he or she comes to know about it.