Many of us suffer from AI anxiety. The fear of being replaced by AI bots has caused ripples in several countries. Among the various types of fears and anxieties, this problem is considered one of the biggest. But it makes sense. ChatGPT and Midjourney are now being used widely, and designers, writers and others now feel that they will be replaced by AI bots in the future. 

In this blog, let’s see how we can alleviate AI anxiety and keep it at bay.

How Do I Stop Fearing AI?

First of all, let’s face it. AI anxiety is real. There is fear and dread all around because we know that AI bots can do our jobs more efficiently. 

As humans, we dislike change, but change is the only thing that is constant. We also dislike uncomfortable feelings. And AI overtaking us is a very uneasy feeling. But there is a dire need to address this fear. Even if we cannot replace AI bots, we can learn to live with them.

Maintain a Journal

For starters, keep a journal. Write down all your thoughts and anxieties about AI. However silly they may sound, write them down in your journal. By doing this, you will have a clearer picture of what you are afraid of. You will also get to know which ones of your fears are baseless. 

Talk to People

Talk to somebody you trust and let them know your feelings. The word, “feelings” might ring a bell. Remember that AI bots cannot feel like you! They may have all sorts of power, but creativity, intuition and emotional intelligence are some of the wonderful characteristics that you possess and AI bots don’t.

So, you don’t have to brood over AI and the consequences you may face in the future. Keep in mind that Artificial Intelligence cannot replace humans. 

How Do I Overcome AI Anxiety?

When you know that you are handling the same problem that others face, you tend to feel better! So is the problem of AI bots. If you have AI anxiety, your coworkers might also be experiencing the same difficulty. Talk to them. Be open and exchange ideas with them. You will definitely find differences in opinion. These ventures can make you feel lighter and lessen your fears.

Try learning more about AI and analyze which part of it affects you. Start embracing the changes. When life hands you one problem and you solve it, it will give you another. So, this is not the end of the world! Maybe, in the future, there can be another huge technical revolution that completely changes our lives. Life is full of surprises and this is just one of them.

Years back, we would not have expected AI to alter our lives this much. Similarly, some years from now, scientists might come up with something that replaces AI. Therefore, be open to changes and don’t resist them. Think of the moment you are in and avoid thinking too far into the future. This is one of the coping mechanisms that humans possess. 

Think Positive!

Some of us may feel that it’s high time we handed over all our boring tasks to AI bots so that we can be free. However, many of us think of unpleasant situations, such as losing our jobs. Let’s take a step back and look at AI anxiety from a different perspective. By doing so, the current issue will appear less daunting.