5 Dressing tips for working women to Impress

Impress people with your impeccable dressing style!

It is very important for the working women to be seen well kept and polished. If job requirements are such that one has to come in contact with clients and customers on a regular basis, it becomes all the more important for maintaining image. Also, what a woman is wearing on the day to day basis indicates her seriousness about the job in front of her employers. If one is shabbily dressed, it will make her appear unkempt and unorganized at job. It is not too challenging to impress people, one just needs to adopt an uncanny sense of dressing. 5 tips for women for getting impressive dressing style are-

1. Wear dresses in which you feel confident and comfortable

No doubt, there is a close association between success and appearance. If one is comfortable and confident in what she is wearing, she will behave confidently. Confidence in office goes a long way in ensuring success in career. Rayon and polyester are not perfect fabrics for wearing in office as heat gets trapped in the body. It is important that one wears a material that is totally soothing and convenient when wearing a dress. Cotton seems to be a good, breathable material. Remember, professional and polished look is necessary for a working woman.

2. Find right handbag and shoes

Many times, a job entails standing on one’s feet for the whole day which can be killing. Thus, it is very important to choose comfortable shoes. You can select boots, ballet flats, low heel wedges, oxfords and penny loafers. All of them are perfect options. Instead of getting embroiled in a shoe rut, try to mix them up with different dresses. Same goes with handbags. Over sized handbags in office do not look good. They give an unorganized and clumsy appearance to a woman. Thus, it is best to use small or medium sized bag which carry only bare essentials. Ensemble will not be complete until and unless it is matched with a perfect handbag.

3. Makeup should be bang on

When planning makeup for office, perfection should not be an objective. If foundation is being used, it should match skin tone so that it does not look piled on. A light eye liner and natural lipstick will impart a perfect look. In case blush is being used, it should be used sparingly.

4. Avoid casual looks

If a woman is wearing pajamas or simple slip-ons to the office, imagine the kind of impact it would have on her employers and colleagues. Most likely, she may get herself fired for her shabby appearance. As part of Friday dressing, flats and jeans can be worn but on remaining days, it is important that one dresses formally. One must use her judgement when selecting an appropriate dress for office.

5. Avoid revealing clothes

It is strictly no-no wearing provocative and revealing clothes to the office. High hemlines, low necklines or stomach exposing clothes should not be worn to the office. Tight fitting tops must also be avoided. If you want to give a professional look, it is important that you wear professional looking dresses.

Keeping in mind tips mentioned above, a working woman can easily avoid fashion faux pas. It is important to dress to belong to the place one is working for.