10 essential home remedies for glowing skin

Gain glowing skin by using home remedies!

Every woman wishes to have a flawless and glowing skin without using expensive creams and lotions available in the market. Whether one is a housewife, a student, working professional, these days, good skin is desired by every one of them. A smooth, glowing skin is the first thing that is noticed by people since it creates a good impression. Taking effective care of skin goes a long way keeping it soft and smooth. There are many home remedies that prove to be quite effective in gaining a glowing skin. Top ten essential home remedies available are-

Cinnamon and oatmeal scrub

 This scrub can be prepared at home without any trouble and is perfect for all types of skin. Moreover, this scrub is rich in proteins and anti oxidants promoting growth of cells. It should be applied with fingers gently and should be kept for 10-15 minutes. Wash with cold water and tap dry face bringing an instant glow.

Green Tea scrub

 Flavanoids rich, tea leaves are best for maintaining production of collagen in the skin. Skin elasticity can be maintained easily with this natural ingredient. It will not only reverse signs of ageing but also bring a natural glow on the screen. It is not difficult to prepare this scrub at home.

Sooji Scrub

Though quite unusual to use, this ingredient has a lot of properties for maintaining a good skin. It not only removes dirt and oil but also dead cells imparting a good skin. It is amazing to see the results of this scrub by using this ingredient.

Lemon Sugar scrub

Granules of sugar in this scrub helps in removing dead skin. Adding lemon to this concoction helps to bleach and cleanse the skin thoroughly. It also helps in removing tan. This is the best natural agent for skin lightening.

Papaya Face pack

Beta Hydroxy Acid available in Papaya is a mild exfoliator. Dead cells from the top of the skin can be gently removed using this pack. It leaves the skin glowing and radiant.

Egg Pack

The white of an egg is rich in vitamin, proteins and minerals that help in nourishing of skin. It exfoliates, cleanse and lighten the skin. Wrinkles can also be avoided giving a glowing and youthful skin.

Almond Mask

This mask can be prepared using crushed almonds and rose water. Acting as natural toner, rose water offers a health glow to the skin.

Honey and milk mask

Milk has been used since times immemorial for bringing about an instant glow on the skin. As the legend goes, beauty routine of Cleopatra consisted of honey and milk. Milk is an ingredient which is considered to be skin friendly.

Orange mask

Vitamin C and citric acid is found in oranges that help in removing acne and skin refreshing. Not only the peel of orange but its juice also brings glow to the skin.

Vegetable pack

A pack made using vegetables cleanses skin and increases circulation of blood.

Dirt, dust and stress make the skin dull but using the above mentioned home remedies can help in bringing immediate glow to the skin. or Click Here!