Overcoming stress after undergoing breast cancer surgery

It is very stressful for women suffering from breast cancer to face the challenge of surgery. Coping with this situation can be quite draining. Women not only face a lot of physiological issues but quite a lot psychological issues with latter being more difficult to manage. Dealing with the stress involved in this surgery is very difficult but not impossible.

As soon as breast cancer is diagnosed in a woman, she faces an unnamed fear. It is quite an overwhelming feeling and at this time stress levels skyrocketing is not surprising. Since women are by nature gentle and emotional, the first thing that comes into their mind is the well being and care of their husbands and children. She is more stressed about what will happen to her children when she is no longer there thinking extreme possibilities. Finances are another issue that she considers when it comes to the treatment of this dreaded body condition.

With advancement in treatment of this illness, the chances of full recovery are great. Awareness about this disease and supportive care has also changed the outlook of people towards this problem. The most common treatment that is usually seen in this problem is mastectomy or removal of cancer infected breast. This surgery itself has a lot of emotional ramifications. Stress is high in such patients who have undergone breast cancer surgery. This stress occurs due to several factors like uncertainty about future, chances of becoming completely cured, disease’s unpredictability, disabilities and financial issues.

Identifying Stressors

Common signals of stress that are seen among breast cancer patients are body aches, fatigue, sleep, irritability, pain, anxiety, headaches and tension. Once these signals have been identified, the next step leads to reduction of stress. If this situation is not handled in a correct matter, it may have serious consequences. Building stress may lead to anger, frustration, depression and hopelessness regarding life. Also, not only the woman suffering from this problem is affected seriously but her near and dear ones are also influenced.

In order to reduce stress, one needs to have a positive attitude towards life. One also needs to accept that suffering from cancer is a situation which is beyond her control and thinking about what she should have done correctly or avoided to prevent this problem is a futile exercise. One must avoid consciously being aggressive, rather she should be assertive. She has the full right to assert her opinions, feelings and beliefs when it comes to her health instead of becoming combative, angry or passive. She must engage in her favorite activities so that her mind is diverted which helps her in engaging. After doctor’s advice, she should also exercise regularly as exercise will help her in good spirits. Physically fit women can cope up with the stress of this illness in a better manner. Drugs or alcohol should be avoided for reducing stress.

Breathing exercises also help in relieving stress. It relaxes muscles and mind considerably. Listening to good music is another way of dealing with stress.