Recently when I was hunting for a topic to write on, boho fashion crossed my mind. I love fashion, it is relatable, inspiring and always relevant. But while I was researching I realized how much there is about a bohemian culture that many don’t talk about. You will be amazed to know how it evolved into a popular culture. It has a rather despondent story but turns into so inspiring and brilliant.

The title of the article may make some eyebrows raise, eyes pop or just frown but read ahead to know why.

Bohemian comes from France, it was a movement or a style adapted by the artists who were poverty struck after the French Revolution. The word actually refers to any person or artist who lives without a regard for conventional rules and practices. They were also called gypsies. These poor artists had no access to high-end fashion or what was considered fashionable at that time. They neither had money to make art, so after a point, the bohemians started dressing up with whatever minimal materials they had and created a style for themselves. They did this not only as rebels to against the accepted way of dressing but they used it to express themselves which is what artists do. They used their creativity in the way they dressed and looked at themselves. With very less to no material to work on, the bohemian was often seen as minimalistic, however, it has become kind of the opposite today.

boho fashion
boho fashion

ohemian was often seen as minimalistic

Bohemian fashion is and always was something that echoed individualism, unlike other trends in fashion which persuades you to follow it. Boho is for the free-spirited and advocates people to be break free from the norms.

Bohemian fashion

Bohemian fashion world boho boho designs

In present times, boho has gone beyond clothes, we use it everything. Challenge the norms and make art with the way you live.