Do you know you can get healthy skin and smooth hair from coconut oil? Hard to believe? Then, let me provide you with some statistics to help you realize coconut oil uses and use them regularly. 

According to the report, coconut oil was valued at USD 5.7 billion in 2022 and is estimated to reach USD 7.4 billion by 2027. This growth is due to the benefits offered by coconut oil.  

Thinking of the benefits now? Don’t worry! This blog will showcase the coconut oil uses and benefits for your skin and hair.

What is Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is made from the meat of mature coconut or copra. It is entirely safe, affordable, natural, and readily available. It also has many healing effects on skin and hair. 

Get to know the top 10 surprising coconut oil uses for body, skincare, and hair care.

Top 10 Must-Known Coconut Oil Uses

1. Acts As a Moisturizer


Coconut oil works as a great moisturizer as it can absorb your skin more rapidly than other lotions or moisturizers. That’s the main reason people apply coconut oil all over their hands, face and legs. 

It is easy to apply and safe to use for the natural healing process. Moreover, it keeps your skin more healthier and beautiful. Also, you can use coconut oil as a night cream for healthy skin.

How to Use: Add a few drops or 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to your palm and rub it to become warm. Apply a small amount of coconut oil over your face in a circulation motion and wash the face in the morning. 

Note: Before applying, you need to check the quantity of oil to avoid stickiness. 

2. Cost-Effective Makeup Remover


Applying makeup to your face is easy, but removing the makeup properly is a hectic process. Instead of using harmful chemical creams and wipes, you can use coconut oil as a makeup remover. 

How To Use: Apply coconut oil over your face, gently rub it on your eyes, and wipe it away with cotton. This is the natural and effective way to remove makeup remains.

3. Reduce Wrinkles


Wrinkles are mainly caused due to collagen loss in your skin, especially areas around your lips, eyes, and forehead. Looking for a better solution yet? Then, coconut oil does some magic on your wrinkles and fine lines. Also, it protects the skin from premature aging and sun damage.

How to Apply: Take ½ cup of coconut oil, ½ teaspoon of vitamin E oil, and ½ teaspoon of lemongrass essential oil. Mix well and store it in the jar or container then rub it over your face before going to sleep regularly. It will improve the skin texture overnight and give you wrinkle-free youthful skin. Over a period of time, you will see visible results. 

4. Highlighter


Are you the one wishing to highlight the parts of your body such as collarbones? Then, coconut oil serves as the best highlighter which gives you fresh and glowing skin all day. In addition, it helps in lightening up the shadowed parts of your body like eyes eyelashes. 

How To Use: For extra glow, just apply a small amount of coconut oil on your eyebrows, cheekbones, and upper lips. 

Note: Wanna know the tips for thick eyebrow? – Here you go!

5. Natural Lip Balm


Sometimes, your lips need more than just a lipstick! Do you agree? Yes, you need some extra moisture to your lips. Then, coconut oil is here to keep your lips hydrated and moisturized. So, you can use it as a lip balm. Also, coconut oil helps reduce hyperpigmentation, prevents drying, nourishes your lips, avoids cuts, and leaves a light shine on your lips. 

How To Use: Massage your lips with coconut oil or rub it before going to bed for better results. 

Note: For soft lips and extra moisture, try to use virgin coconut oil. 

6. Prevent Stretch Mark


Are you sure that stretch marks will occur only during pregnancy? No, there are many reasons for stretch marks including puberty, bodybuilding, and weight gain. Worry no more! Be it your pregnancy marks on your belly, or stretch marks due to some other reasons, coconut oil serves as a natural agent. Applying coconut oil regularly will help in lightening the stretch marks rapidly. 

How To Use: Just apply coconut oil on your stretch marks 2 to 3 times every day.

7. Works As a Sunscreen


Confused about choosing the right sunscreen for your skin type? But, my opinion is not to choose sunscreens as they contain toxic chemicals which are harmful to our bodies. Instead of using sunscreens, you can use coconut oil as it contains natural SPF which helps in blocking harmful UV rays and gives some sun protection. In case of sunburn, it makes your skin soft and nourished.

Note: Don’t rely only on coconut oil. 

How To Use: To add extra moisture to your skin and keep it supple in the sun, apply coconut oil with your natural sunscreen. 

8. Hair Mask


Using coconut oil on hair is very effective in preventing hair breakage and controlling dandruff. Also, it offers many benefits including,

  • Heal damaged hair
  • Reduces itching and rashes
  • Keep your hair more hydrated
  • Control hair loss 
  • Strengthen frizzy and split hair
  • Keep your hair healthy and shiny

How To Use

For Soft Hair

Just warm the coconut oil and apply coconut oil to the ends and lengths of the hair. After 15 minutes of applying, shampoo your hair and see the guaranteed results. 

For Deep Conditioning

Apply coconut oil to your hair and wrap it with a shower cap then go to sleep. Once you wake up, remove the cap and wash your hair with a soft shampoo.

Note: To avoid hair damage, get to know the right way to oil, wash your hair

As a DIY Hair Mask

Take 3 to 5 tablespoons of coconut oil and a few drops of rosemary oil, and mix it well. Apply or massage your hair and cover with a shower cap. Rinse it with a mild shampoo after an hour.

For Dandruff Control

Heat 2 to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil with a low flame, then massage it into your scalp. Leave it for 30 minutes, then wash your hair with a soft shampoo.

9. Deodorant


Coconut oil serves as a very effective deodorant as it contains lauric acid, which can kill or reduce the growth of bacteria from the odor. While applying coconut oil over your underarms after a bath, you can feel fresh for the entire day. You can make your perfume at home in a cost-effective way.

How to Make 

Heat 5 to 6 tablespoons of coconut oil with ¼ cup of cornflour and ¼ cup bicarb of soda. Mix well and store it in the glass or jar. Apply this deodorant once a day.

10. Toothpaste


You can use coconut oil as a toothpaste because it is affordable and easily available at home. It can also prevent gum tenderness and keep your teeth clean naturally. You may also try coconut oil pulling to remove bacteria from your teeth.

How to Make: Mix 3 tablespoons of coconut oil with an equal amount of baking soda and 10 drops of peppermint. You can use this mixture as a toothpaste in the morning. 

Hey, that’s it! Now, it’s your time. Make use of this amazing coconut oil uses which adore you with its exceptional results.