Top 10 Reason Why Your Makeup is Looking Ugly

Very few people have mastered the art of applying makeup. The more we learn about makeup application, the more we can perfect ourselves.

Here are a few reasons why our makeup doesn’t look great:

  1. Lipstick bleeds near the mouth-To prevent your lipstick from straying away from your lips, use a lip liner and if required you can even fill the entire area of the lip with lip liner and then apply the lipstick for a smooth look that doesn’t spread.
  2. Not applying makeup to the exposed neck and shoulders-We often pamper our faces but ignore the rest of the parts of the body. Do not forget to apply makeup to all the exposed areas of skin such as the back, neck and shoulders to get a seamless look. Not applying so will leave you looking like a patched up chameleon.
  3.  Applying foundation that doesn’t match skin tone-A lot of people tend to buy a foundation that is a few shades lighter than the actual skin color. That results in a fake and artificial look. You land up looking like a clown with a white face and darker body.
  4. Your concealer is a shade lighter-As is with the foundation, your concealer should match your skin tone. A concealer is supposed to cover up and draw attention away from any marks or pimples. If you use a lighter shade of concealer, it acts like a highlighter and makes you want to look at it.
  5. You forgot to do up your ears-Makeup needs to be applied on every exposed area of skin to make your skin tone look even. Sometimes we apply makeup with our hair open and skip applying makeup on our ears. Midway we may decide to tie up our hair and it is then in these circumstances that your ears without makeup are exposed. So it does tend to look ugly when your ears don’t blend in with the rest of the face.
  6. You’re drawing attention to too many places on your face-When you apply makeup you should accentuate your best feature, be it your eyes, your lips or even your jawline. You should not try and make a statement in all the areas of your face, unless you want to land up looking like a vampire.
  7. Your blush is in the wrong place-Blush is supposed to be applied to the apple of the cheeks. But many people apply blusher on the cheeks, forehead and up to the nose. Blush is supposed to leave you looking naturally flushed.The best way to apply blush is to start from the apples of the cheek, moving upwards towards the temple.
  8. Lower lid makeup smudges the rest of your face-A lot of us have faced this situation when the liner which we apply on the lower lid travels down after a couple of hours. The smudged look looks great up to a certain point. Any point below the eyes and towards the cheeks is a makeup disaster. Make sure you carry some makeup remover strips to wipe off makeup those lands up on your cheeks.
  9. Not blended your makeup-Contouring add more edge to our features by giving it a chiseled look. After applying makeup, please ensure that you blend the makeup well to give it that even look. Makeup that is not blended right makes your face look all botchy.
  10. False lashes look too obvious and over done-We add extensions to our lashes to make them look naturally long. The mistake most of us make here is that we affix them away from the lash line.They key to affixing false lashes are to stick is as close to the base as possible and then apply one or two coats of mascara to hide the actual place of affixing the lash.

Now that you know what can go wrong in application of makeup, try avoiding theses mistakes to let your face look natural even after applying makeup.