Top 8 Hair Hacksfrom the pros

We all aspire to get salon like hair at home. Hair styling at home can be difficult, especially with all the products and processes.

Here are some ways to make styling at home easier. Most professional stylists swear by them:

  • Squeeze dry for no frizz-If you have frizzy hair and you want to avoid the frizz then press the towel on your hair. Do not rub the hair as most of us do.
  • Volume-Blow dry upside down, that is from underneath to enjoy more volume in your hair.
  • Curls that hold-Curling irons work best on dirty hair. So do not wash your hair on the day you plan to curl your hair. Wash your hair the previous day.
  • Natural wavy curls-A simple way to get natural curls without using curling irons is to braid them and then run over them with a flat iron. Once you open the braids you get the desired effect.
  • Texture-Most of us use dry shampoo to prevent oiliness and oil build-up. What people don’t know is that dry shampoo adds texture to the hair that helps in easy styling.
  • Extra hold for an updo-If you are going to style your hair in an updo and you’re worried that it might just cascade on your shoulders in a few hours, don’t fret.A trick that most professionals swear by is spraying the bobby pins with dry shampoo. Spray on liberally and allow the shampoo to dry. These pins will hold your hair in place for hours.
  • Modern curled look-Start curling midway instead of starting from the base or root for a more modern different look.
  • Flyaways-To prevent your hair from flyaways, spray your brush with hair spray and use the brush as normal. The hair will not fly away in an untamed way after you do this.

You’re all set to get that salon styled hair if you follow the above tips. So what are you waiting for?