Whether it’s a month or a year, there is so much to cover before your big day.  Picking a date, planning a wedding, pre-wedding skincare, purchasing bridal clothes, accessories, and whatnot!

The wedding is the most significant day in one’s life. You might have a to-do list in your mind before the wedding. But when and where to start?  Here are some valuable tips you can add to your pre-wedding skincare routine.

8 Months before the Wedding

It is always better to plan beforehand than rush at the last minute. 

Beauty Supplements for Skin Care

Beauty begins within. Consuming nutritious food will brighten your skin tone and make you glow.

What you eat reflects your skin and health condition. Take vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables such as carrots, berries, capsicum, tomatoes, bone broth, broccoli, oily fish, seeds, nuts, spinach, and dark chocolate. Avoid alcohol and spicy foods.

Hair Care

Prewedding hair care is as important as skincare. Trying some natural hair care remedies is the easiest way to nourish your hair. Most women are unaware of the benefits of oiling. Heat (moderate heat) any oil of your choice (Coconut, argan, bhringraj, or curry leaf oil), dip a cotton ball or a piece of cotton cloth, and massage on the scalp in a circular motion. It will boost blood circulation, repair damaged hair, and help hair growth.

Establish a New Skincare Regimen

If you have been lethargic with your skincare routine, it is time to establish a new schedule to improve your skin condition. Follow some basics like exfoliation, hydration, and wearing sun protection. Use cool water or lukewarm water to wash your face. Vitamin and diet changes will improve your skin tone, figure out what kind of fruits and vegetables make your skin glow.

Fitness Plan

Staying in shape is the most challenging task of all. If you decide to lose some pounds better start beforehand. Never follow a crash diet, nobody wishes to look weak or exhausted on their big day. By incorporating the right diet plans you can lose weight gradually, and will look healthy.

Four Months Before the Wedding

Hair and Makeup 

Try out different hair and makeup styles with different makeup artists. Book them only if you feel satisfied with the bridal look. So that you can focus on other things and relax. Meanwhile, check out for bridal packages that include hair, makeup, and draping. 

Two Months Before the Wedding 

Beauty Accessories

Buy beauty accessories that match your bridal attire. Stack hair crowns, embellished hair clips, some elegant earrings, necklaces, wristwatches, a mini clutch, a fancy hairclip with flower adornments, nail colors, and multiple shades of Lipsticks, etc.

Kick Your Fitness Regimen to the Next Level

It’s time to take your fitness to the next level. Increase your workout timings. Check out some simple exercises to add to your workout routine. Add detox drinks to your diet.

Two weeks Before the Wedding

Hair Spa

Getting a hair spa will calm your nerves in your busy wedding schedule. Gloss treatment can enhance your hair’s glow. Trim the split ends to boost your hair growth. 


Exfoliate your body at least twice or thrice a week. Try body scrubs or exfoliants to rid the dead skin cells without decreasing the moisture. If you have supple skin avoid hard or dry exfoliators.

Do not use chemical products if you have any skin allergies.

One Week Before the Wedding

Gentle Facial

Go for a soothing, gentle, and hydrating facial. Avoid hard exfoliation or new treatments before the wedding. If you have supple skin and never tried a facial before, skip this one. It is hard to predict how your skin will react to new products.

Five Days Before the Wedding 


It is better to wax a few days before the wedding so your skin gets time to heal. 

Refrain from Some Skincare

Retinol has the potential to irritate the skin, so discontinue before five days. Stop using chemical skincare items like vitamin C, retinol, and other chemical exfoliants.

Three Days Before  Wedding-day 

At-home Beauty Treatments 

There are plenty of natural skin care treatments you can try at home. Use aloe vera gel to keep your skin healthy. Banana face pack moisturizes your skin and prevents wrinkles and fine lines.

Do know your skin type before trying any of these face masks. Avoid if you have skin allergies.

Two Days Before the Wedding-Day


Use gel nail polish to avoid chips and cracks on your big day. 

One Day Before the Wedding-day

Beauty Sleep

The biggest secret for better skin is to get a sound sleep. After doing all the work you did, it is time to take some rest.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

The Big Day

AH!! Finally, the day is here. Now all should do is eat healthy food, smile, and not cry.