Quick fix for thinning eyebrows

As we age, even the growth of our eyebrows slow down. Eyebrows with less hair or with gaps in between look unattractive.

Here is a quick solution to make your eyebrows look thick and filled up.

  1. Use a stencil-Stencils are available in various cosmetic stores. You can find stencils in various shapes and of different lengths. Choose the one that suits your face the best.
  2. Fill in using mascara or eyebrow pencil-Use an eyebrow pencil or a mascara to fill in the visible gaps in between the hair of your eyebrows.
  3. Primer-If you want the fill up to last long then don’t forget to apply a primer on your eyebrows before you proceed with filling in your brows.

So don’t fret if you’ve got scanty eyebrows. These quick fixes are sure to do the trick.