Is surrogacy the answer for infertility

Being able to produce the miracle of life, is that one thing which women wait for, all their lives. Holding a baby in their hands, tugging them close to the heart, and listening to the heart beat of someone who has been there inside them for a long time. It is a sensation that makes a woman complete.

But there are couples who suffer from infertility. As a matter of fact 10% of the people in the United States cannot give birth to a child, naturally. Even after millions of tests and visits to the doctor, if all you get is negative remarks, it is but natural to feel the pangs of hopelessness and despair.

There are many symptoms that hint you towards infertility. Both the man and the woman in the relationship, may be the causes of infertility. Though there are many cures and remedies to this problem, the amount of time and the patience that it requires, is quite a lot. And the money that goes into it, is a subject that’s altogether different.

Surrogacy is a method through which couples opt for when all the other hopes are lost. It is method through which another woman carries and gives birth to a baby for the couple who want to have a child. But is surrogacy the only solution to infertility? There are factors that need to be considered before you finally resort to surrogacy.

The first and the foremost reason being it is not regulated by the HFEA (Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority), United Kingdom. In the USA the issues fall under state jurisdiction, and differ from state to state. Arkansas, California, Illinois are considered to be surrogacy friendly states, where in Michigan It is a felony to enter into such an agreement, punishable by a fine of up to $50,000 and up to five years in prison. Thus, it is very important to check with the lawyer before you even consider surrogacy as an option.

It is also quite difficult to regulate the success rate for surrogacy. Many factors are involved, such as, the surrogate’s ability to get pregnant, the age of the egg donor, and the success of procedures such as IUI (intrauterine insemination) and IVF (In vitro fertilization). The age of the woman who provides the egg is an important factor that affects the chances of pregnancy.

There are also various risks involved with this scheme of getting a child. Health of the mother and the baby, transferring of chronic diseases are among the many menaces. Being emotionally attached and detached is another issue that families deal with.

If you finally choose to get a child through surrogacy, make sure you choose the right woman who would be capable of having a safe, healthy pregnancy and birth, and with whom you have a relationship of trust.