Did you know that cosmetics have a shelf life too? We often ignore this fact as we pile up tons of them into that kit without realizing that they have an expiry date tagged to them. We cannot ignore the fact that women use the same compact powder or lipstick for years. So, we definitely need to keep an eye on our makeup expiry date. Our skin deserves much better than simply harming it with expired stuff. In this blog, we have jotted down a few products that come in handy on a daily basis and how to be aware of when to toss them over.

Is Expired Makeup Safe?

A lot of women still have this lingering doubt in their minds: “Does makeup expire?” 

The answer is YES, it does. The very next question that comes to women’s minds is “Is it safe to use expired makeup?”

Now, the answer is a big NO. Expired makeup is not safe. There are many expired cosmetics risks like bacterial growth and clogged pores. For instance, when you store foundation for quite a long time after its purchase, you will notice the change in its colour. This is because the foundation you use tends to get oxidized over time.  

So, the change of colour is just like your warning bell. It’s an indication that the ingredients of your foundation have become toxic, which means you should avoid using that product. Your sense of smell also plays a prominent role in finding out if your makeup has expired. In case your foundation or mascara emits a strange smell, it’s time to toss it in the dustbin. If you don’t, you might face some makeup allergies.

When to Throw Away Makeup?

Woman throwing away expired makeup

The time to dispose of your makeup products varies according to the type of product you are using. In the following sections, let’s discuss the cosmetic expiration dates of some common products that women use these days. This information will help you do your makeup expiration checks the right way.


Girl with eyeliner

All of us have friends who never step out without a stroke of eyeliner. As much as it defines your eyes elegantly, it is also important to keep in mind that being liquid in nature can grab a lot of germs. Make sure you replace your eyeliners every 3 to 6 months. Opt for better brands to keep your eyes free from hazards. This is one of the makeup safety measures you need to follow.

If you experience an eye infection, just get rid of all your eye makeup products because these items likely contain the same germs that caused your infection. If you do so, you can stop worrying about how germy your makeup is.


Girl with mascara

You might know the tricks to apply mascara like a pro. But have you ever wondered about its shelf life?

Mascara is something similar to eyeliners and has the same shelf life of 3 to 6 months. Well, if you want the detailed information, here it is! If you are using the same mascara daily, it is safe to continue using it for 3 months. However, if you are using it occasionally, its shelf-life is around 6 months. Again, it is liquid and hence prone to bacteria after a while. In case you use mascara or other makeup products beyond their expiry dates, you might face risks of makeup cosmetic poisoning. Usually, expired mascara can lead to eye irritation, pink eye, or stye. A stye is a lump that forms near the edge of an eyelid, and it can be a pimple or a boil.


Girl applying foundation

Sometimes, we may wish to use our beauty products beyond their makeup expiration dates. And, many of us tend to keep our MAC matt foundation for over a year. Yes, at times, we are obsessed with our cosmetics that it’s really hard to bid goodbye to them. Foundations are creamy in nature and do justice for up to a period of one year. The less you fiddle the rim with your fingers, the more the foundation lasts. Moreover, you can also sense that it has reached its expiry when the cream starts to thicken unusually.


Girl applying lipstick

A lipstick is an essential part of every woman’s makeup routine. While some women might think about the pros and cons of wearing lipstick, there are many others who use it multiple times a day.

“How long can I use my lipstick?” is apparently the most searched question on the Internet to date. Yes, lipsticks do have an end date and though it’s pretty hard to part ways with that favorite lip color of yours, it’s for your own good that it gets replaced after an ample usage of 12 months. Lipsticks involve a lot of coloring agents and can grow bacteria because of the moisture. Choose lip shades from renowned labels to keep infections at bay.

It’s crucial to take cosmetic product expiry date seriously, and just like other beauty products, lipsticks too have their expiry dates. Usually, your lipstick lasts for around 2 years. A lip gloss can last between 6 months and a year.

If you find any mouldy patches on your lipstick, you can be sure that it has expired. You cannot just cut off the mouldy part and use it because the lipstick is already contaminated.

Compact Powder 

Compact Powder

Unlike the rest of the cosmetics, compact powders, bronzers and blushes are powder-based and last a little longer than their liquid counterparts. They can be put to good use for a maximum of 18 months. However, if the product’s top layer becomes hard, you might have to replace it immediately.

Apart from securing your cosmetics in secluded storage, proper usage ensures they last a little longer than the actual expiry. We do agree that you have splurged on them and it is hard when it comes to throwing them into the trash. But, healthy skin is more vital and requires these minute details to be noted.

Makeup Safety Guidelines

If you want to know how to check makeup expiry date, follow these simple guidelines.

  • While purchasing a makeup product, check for tiny symbols on the product package to know how long it will last.
  • Look at the open jar symbol on your product. It indicates how long the product will stay good after opening. It can be represented by months or years.
  • If you cannot find the product’s shelf-life, consult the storekeeper for more information.

Makeup Expiry Date – Heed the Warning!

We hope you have now got the answers to some of your questions like “Can makeup expire?” and “How long does makeup last?” So, the next time you feel like keeping your lipstick for more than its shelf life, tell yourself that your lips are more important than the lipstick!