Waxing is always painful. But it is the most effective hair removal method when compared to the other temporary methods such as hair cream removal or shaving. Some find this method more painful than others. Maybe there are some things that you are not doing right before you wax.

Here are some tips to make your experience less painful:

  1. Do not exfoliate a day before you are intending to wax. Exfoliation can lead to skin irritation or even make it delicate.
  2. Do not oil a day or two before waxing as it will prevent the wax from gripping onto your hair.
  3. Have a warm bath just before you wax. This helps in opening the pores of your skin and makes the hair come out easily.
  4. Pull the loose skin when waxing; else it will pull the skin and cause a lot of pain.
  5.  If you are that sensitive to pain, take a painkiller a hour or two before the actual procedure of waxing to control the pain and even reduce inflammation.
  6. Do not wax your skin a week before your periods as the skin is sensitive during this period. The ideal time to go in for waxing is a week after your periods.

Try these tips to make your next waxing session less painful