Make up tricks to make your eyes look bigger and impressive

Large and expressive eyes add a unique charm to the face. Not all are born with big eyes. But today, with the right makeup, it is possible to make eyes look bigger or smaller as per one’s desire. If you have small eyes and you want to make it look big, then you should try correct makeup tips. Any wrong move and your eyes can even look smaller. You should use make up in such a way that your eyes should look not only bigger but also impressive and striking. The makeup should add beauty to your eyes and thus enhance the look of your face.

Follow some makeup tricks and tips to make your eyes look bigger, attractive and impressive in such a way that it adds a special charm and beauty to your face too. Let heads turn and roll but you just let your eyes talk.

  1. Eyelashes:  Curling eyelashes is the simplest way to enhance the size of the eyes.  Apply mascara after the curling.
  2. Eyebrows: The shape of the eyebrows can make your eyes appear small or big. So shape your eyebrows well. Your salon beautician is the best person to advise on what shape to keep so that your eyes can look bigger.
  3. The right eye shadow: Choose the right eye shadow for small eyes.  Ivory or silver color suits small eyes the best. Frost eye shadows are never to be used on small eyes. Also use light shades because dark shades suit only big eyes.  Apply a little eye shadow on the brow bone too. This helps highlighting the whole area of eye, and thus helping your eyes look larger and brighter. Overuse of dramatic eye shadow will make your eyes look even smaller. So apply the right eye shadow well.
  4. A good concealer: Dark circles make eyes look smaller and also give them a tired look. Use a good concealer that can hide dark circles and blemishes. This alone helps enhance the beauty of your eyes.
  5. Mascara: Applying mascara is the most important step in enhancing the size, look and beauty of the eyes. A tip is to use a dark brown shade for the upper area and a light shade for the lower eye lashes.  Some might think that mascara is needed for the upper eyelashes only but even lower eyelashes need a little amount of mascara to make the eye look wider.
  6. Eyeliner: Eyeliner gives a definite shape to your eyes and it is one of the best ways to enhance the look and beauty of eyes.  A creamy white eyeliner pencil is best for small eyes. Use it also on the inside corner of the eyelids. Apply both on the upper and lower parts.

Practice these tips so that you are ready to do your own eye makeup for the big day. Use eye makeup that suits your skin and eyes. The color of eyes, their shape and the color and texture of the skin are important factors for choosing the right makeup for your eyes.

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