8 Things you need to know about spray tanning

All of us who want to bear our skin in the bikini season love to boast of a tan. While some of us easily get a natural one, while others resort to the more artificial means by resorting to spray tanning or a sun bed tanning.

Here are some rules you need to know about spray tanning unless you want to land up with a botched up artificial tan:

1. Exfoliate

It is important that you prepare your skin before a spray tanning session. Exfoliate your skin in the shower using a gentle scrub so that the tan doesn’t appear patchy or fade sooner.

2. Never shower before the tan

This is the most important rule for tanning. Shower the previous day or at least a few hours before your scheduled tanning appointment.

3. Remove all makeup

If you apply makeup and get the tanning job done, when you take a shower all the tan will be washed away. So make it a point to wipe off all you makeup before the session.

4. Never use deodorant or perfume

Deodorant and perfume also act in the same way as makeup. So make sure you’re free of them before you get the tan.

5. The spray gets darker before it can get lighter

Don’t worry when you see you skin going really dark just after a tan. It will take a day to get your tan in the right shade. The tanning solution takes at least 8 hours to develop and become the right shade.

6. Wait for the shower

Never rush to take a shower after a tanning job. Wait for at least 8 hours before you hit the shower. Allow the solution to work on your skin before you wash off all the chemicals from your skin.

7. Never forget to moisturize

Tanning your skin using the artificial tan can dry your skin out. But make sure you use oil free ones as the ones with oil in it will strip away all the tan from your skin.

8. Take a swim to fix a blotched up tan job

If you have somehow managed to get a bad tan job then you might want to fix it and fix it soon.

Take a swim in the pool. It is not the water but the chlorine that will help strip the tan off your skin.

Follow these rules and you might get the tan that you can show off to your girlfriends.