Blush is a tricky part in your makeup. Blush is often used to give pretty flush to your face. When applied correctly blush adds dimension to your face along with a perfect contour and highlighter. We have seen celebs wearing makeup on point and blush too much on the red carpets. To avoid moments like these you just need to read the angles of your face and choose the right shade of blush.

What does blush do to your face?

Some of you are blessed with a natural flush on cheeks but others don’t have a complexion like that. We start our makeup with a base foundation that is either a full or medium coverage based on the imperfections on the face. So when you use a full coverage base you tend to lose the natural flush, it gets covered. Don’t worry blush comes to your rescue in these situations

Applying blush perfectly helps you showcase a fresh-faced look and it boosts your natural colour making it look vibrant and healthy.

Know more about the shades

It doesn’t always have to be the rosy cheek to show that you are wearing blush. You can add different shades to your smile by trying different shades of blush. If you think all shades of blush give you the same look, you are wrong. Get to know what shades accentuates your look.

There are two types of blush you need to be aware of…

Powder blush

Powder blush is for all skin types, and especially works well for oily skin. Powder blush gives you a consistent stroke and not sliding off your cheeks. Always use a primer prior to powder blush so that it doesn’t exaggerate the look.

Cream blush

Cream blush is apt for dry or ageing skin. They provide hydration and portray a dewy look .Cream blush gives you a smooth shinny finish and  you don’t see much pigment.

If you are tan, you can pick orange or reddish pink.

If you are fair, pick light pinks, peach to bring a natural flush

If you are dark, pick vivid oranges or pinks.

The things said above are just suggestions. If you feel a shade looks better on you, go for it. Coz there’s no rule for picking the shades. And moreover, it’s your face.

Blush Vs Bronzer

Blush and bronzer aren’t one and the same. If you try to swap and use them it’s not going to fetch you the ideal look. Understand them better…

Bronzer is used for creating a sun-kissed look. Bronzers are a kind of contouring. When using a bronzer you should focus on the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline that are spots the sun would naturally hit. But blush is used to add a soft touch to your cheeks only.

Blush and bronzer can be used together. Apply blush first on your cheekbones and next use bronzer to highlight the top of your cheeks. Use a brush to blend them well to have a noticeable cheekbone when you smile.

Apply blush like a pro

Applying blush like a pro is not tough. You just have to study the structure of your face and apply the required stroke of blush.

Before applying blush you need to set your face.Once you are done with the base makeup (primer,foundation,concealer) you can apply the blush.This will help you to get a flawless blush.

If you have a round face,

Applying blush in circles on the apples of your cheek will make your face look even rounder. To add dimensions to round face you have to fake sharp cheekbones by applying blush under your cheekbones. To find the correct angle first suck your cheeks in.

If you have an oval face,

The oval face needs a little lift in cheekbones to create a definition. You can just surface the blush on your cheekbones and finish it towards your temples. This creates a lift.

If you have a square-shaped face,

Square-shaped faces have sharp features. Applying blush in circles on the apples of your cheek helps to soften the sharp features.

If you have a long face,

You try many ways to cut the long face look. Right strokes of blush can serve this purpose. Apply blush in horizontal stripes on your cheekbones and finish towards your ears. Then blend well to make your face look wider.

Blush hacks you need to know

For those who are using blush for the very first time, it’s difficult for you to get the sculpted face. The trick involved here is to identify the right portions of the cheekbones that need to be filled with the blush. Follow these steps…

  • Take a writing pencil roll it over your cheek. You will feel the hollow regions of the cheek and cheekbone area.
  • Use a white kohl pencil to draw a boundary around the cheekbone area. Do not draw thick lines as it will be difficult for you to erase once your makeup is done.
  • Take a wide-headed brush and dust a very little blush on the marked region.
  • Use a fluffy blending brush to blend it properly and erase the kohl lines.

Practising these steps will help you to spot the cheekbones easily.


Cream blush doesn’t need brushes rather you can use your fingers to blend the colour onto your skin.

Powder blush demands a wide-headed brush to distribute and blend the color perfectly.

Blush helps in hiding your dark circles too. You can directly dust powder blush under the eyes or use it as a concealer by mixing the blush with petroleum jelly. Pick reddish tones for dark skin and peach tones for fair skin. Use a fluffy brush to blend the blush well to reduce under eye shadows.

Sometimes you go overboard while applying blush. Don’t worry you don’t have to redo your makeup. Just try this trick…..dap some foundation over it to mute the colour of the blush.