Childhood friendships, the best of all friendships

Friends are the most important of all people in one’s life. A true friend is the one who understands you, the way you are and who accepts you completely, however you are. You may have an understanding family and yet, you need friends to laugh with, to cry together, to err together or to win together.  Though it is said, ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’, a true friend is who stays and sticks with you in all times, good, bad or worse.

It has generally been seen that childhood friendships last for a long time, and there are many lucky childhood friends who remain thickest friends till death. Why is that childhood friends stand the test of time and situations? The reasons can be many.

Childhood is a time of innocence when there is no competition in mind nor there is any rivalry.  It is the time when one is not judgmental over things or people. There are no awkward moments then, all the blunders made or the ugly situations you went thorough were all normal. Thus such friends understand each other and it is this mutual understanding and acceptance that pave way for a long time friendship that truly lasts.

When friends are made in childhood, there is total acceptance of each other and this acceptance lasts, and that means, even when one grows up and the whole world creates an opinion about you, your old friend will never judge you by what you wear or your philosophy in your life or the stands you take. This is one of the reasons why childhood friendships remain intact forever.

There are no rules or demands in childhood friendships. They are a part of each other’s life, no matter what. Perhaps, that is the reason they can connect at once, even if they are talking to each other after a long gap, may be years. If distance and time cannot create havoc in a friendship, then that is the one which is true and which will remain forever. That is the special thing about childhood friends.

There is a certain trust that is formed in childhood friendships and that is the trust of knowing that what problem the friend might be in, the other will always try to be with the friend and not just leave him or her in the lurch. This trust is what develops into the strongest bond between them. That is why they can be referred to as ‘3 am friends’ or your own ‘crisis solution center’.

The other reason why childhood friends become the biggest support system, is that such a friend never questions why this has happened but he will first seek a solution to the issue consoling you because he knows and believes completely that you are right and even if you have committed a mistake, he believes he can make you see sense. This is trust beyond everything.

Thus the main reason why childhood friendships lasts and remains the best support system for a person is because there is understanding, acceptance, and above all, trust, which remains rock solid. No wonder it is said, ‘old is gold’ because old friendships are indeed golden, the shine of which will never wane with time.