Feel Confident At Any Age

Everyone needs to look beautiful. Anti-aging crèmes, expensive parlor treatments and unimaginably long list of dietician appointments is the general trend of the urbanized world. Women think confidence comes only with a flawless skin and glossy hair color. But, is that so? Having grays with wrinkles is really something that would contribute to your lower self esteem? Well, the answer could be well verse with the experience factor which is more important to have immense confidence.

Do I appear younger? This question must have come across all of your ladies’ minds several numbers of times. Women reveal about their cosmetic therapies, efforts done to work in the lines of their eyebrows and timeless hours spent at gyms and liposuction centers to get those celerity obsessed curves. Even the women in their 30s are afraid of aging.

To start with, most of us back in our puberty have experienced the boosts gained from the looks for an attractive personality. By the time, we start stepping in 30s, those looks start to fade away leaving most of us feel completely invisible. Women start watching news, in fact getting obsessed with the news of celebrities looking slim and trim even after delivering babies. Heavy medications involved in the cosmetic surgeries will surely have side effects on your body and skin both. Being concerned about your appearances is completely normal but it becomes risky when people start getting involved in obsessive behavior towards getting rid of it.

People those who have not yet fallen victim to the threat of aging are actually the luckier ones. This is not to make a statement that they are not using the anti aging products or least bothered of the way they look; but, they are well aware of the fact that there is lot many things that decide your confidence more than looks. It is important to value learning, job and kith and kin. Your experience makes you better at many things. Looking around, you can find a common sight of plenty of women cribbing and being unhappy about their looks. But, never forget that change is constant. The grays remind of the things accrued in the course of life which cannot be traded for anything like kids, marriage, job, etc. There are many parts in life where you can laugh about and not just go crazy about.

So, next time whenever you feel yourself haunted by the thought of your looks, do not miss out asking yourself a question, “Is my confidence and admiration being defined solely by my looks? Are my abilities not capable enough to play a bigger role? You will then surely be motivated to work upon more permanent things than the ones perishable. Got thick hair, get an attractive haircut. Eat healthy and plan a fitness regime. Surely you will be confident no matter at what age you are!