Home Remedies to Enhance Your Beauty

Home remedies sometimes stand out as the most effective way to treat our skin with care. They are a trusted form of medication handed over from through generations. There is almost a home remedy available for every ailment that we face. One of the benefits of home remedy is – they are free from side effects. Since they are natural products they do no harm to the body.

Listed below in this article are some of the tips that you could follow to enhance your beauty in the most natural way

  1. If you want to get rid of your pimple, apply tea tree oil over your pimple spot every few hours and gently press it with a cotton swab. To further enrich your skin you can add Vitamin E oil over your skin before you go to bed.
  2. Another way to get rid of acne is to use Glycolic acid. Try mixing cane sugar with your body wash and applying it for a smooth skin.
  3. Quite an effective treatment for acne would be to mix lemons with baking powder and apply it onto your face. This should make your face clean and attack any bacteria in your acne.
  4. To improve the complexion of your face and to brighten your skin, apply yogurt preferably organic grass-fed ones. This will give a bright look to your face.
  5. Drinking atleast 2 liters of water every day as this will do a whole lot of good to your skin and health in general.
  6. Every night before going to bed use a lotion mask over your skin, this will provide a clean and moisturized complexion.
  7. Add vitamin C supplements in your food intake, if not get a dosage of a pill (vitamin C) everyday to prevent aging.
  8. Fish oil is good for your skin too.
  9. Green leafy vegetables are good for health and have many skin benefits like removing dark circles and others.