Cheer Up Your Home

Does your home sound cheerful?

Certainly, everyone of us wants a cheerful and lively house. You will feel fresh, and rejuvenated in a cheerful home.

If you are looking for ways to enliven your home, then here are simple ways-

  • Clean and organize the home-The first thing you can do to freshen up your home is to clean all the rooms and scrub all the floors. Wash out the windows, so that maximum sunshine can get in the house. Remove unwanted stuff from the rooms to make it spacious. Organize the things neatly, so that your home will get a complete new look.
  • Make the rooms more colorful-Paint the rooms with bright natural colors, which brings freshness to your home. Add colorful furnishings to your bright rooms. If you paint just one wall with bright color such as yellow, it will have great impact. Most importantly, decor your home with what you actually love. If you like antiques, then find a proper place for it in your home. Replace new scent with the old one in each room.
  • Decorate walls-Hang the cheerful paintings on the walls, it may be a poster or colorful painting made by your kid. It will make your room brightener. Arrange old photographs on the wall.  Also, the artwork is a great way to make your rooms more bright and colorful. You can choose any theme you like, such as birds, fruits, palm trees.
  • Flooring and ceiling-Use carpet tiles, which are easy to install. It will add color to the whole room. Paint the beams with dark colors to highlight them.
  • Lightening-To gain instant brightness, update your home lightening. To get best results, make good combination of smaller lighting with large floor lamps. Make sure you will get most of the natural light in your home. Make use of glass, mirrors, metal, glossy paint, which reflects the most light.
  • Windows-Go for natural fabric such as cotton or linen while selecting curtains. Use fabric for the pillows and cushions. Make sure to use common color. Make use of large draperies for small windows, which gives a feel of the large window.
  • Make use of flowers-Fresh flowers are an easy way to freshen your home. Decorate your rooms with an arrangement of flowers. Arrange silk flowers in a beautiful vase in your living room. Silk flowers are stylish and attractive. Also, you can collect pebbles, branches, shells and place them in attractive containers in the house. You can develop a small flower garden in balcony  and terrace. Start with seasonal flowers like Adenium, Petunia, Dahlia, wild roses. Plants definitely improve your mood.
  • Arrange bookshelf-You can stick some different pattern papers behind the bookshelf, which gives a feel of the wallpaper. Arrange the books as per their size or subject. Place them either vertically or horizontally.
  • Renovate the old furniture-If you have old furniture which is still in good condition, then instead of throwing it, just paint it to give a totally new look. Use Multi purpose furniture piece to save the space.

These simple tips inspire you to cheer up your home and also boost your mood. So, get ready to enlighten your sweet home now.