Daughter suffering from eating disorders

Teenage is a very delicate phase in every child’s life. Suddenly they find themselves at a stage where they are neither considered as a kid nor as grownups. They are quite confused and going through a transition phase. This age is such when they get impressed by other people quite easily. Looks and appearance also matters a lot to them. If they are slightly on the heavier side, they may suffer from eating disorder that can prove as a tough challenge for the parents. Many times, parents are unable to decide the best course of action to tackle this problem.

Since the incidence of eating disorders among teens is increasing considerably, more and more parents are seeking specialized help. Now days, eating disorder treatments are readily available. Just like any other health disorder, this problem can also be solved if the problem is recognized well in time. When the problem is in its nascent stages, it can be solved in no time. First and foremost, as a parent you need to win the confidence of your daughter. Make her realize that she has a problem and she needs to face it. You need to have a lot of patience and tolerance when talking to your daughter as she must be highly vulnerable at this time.

A lot of studies are being conducted in this field to know about various causes that may be responsible for this problem in teenagers. The results gained from these studies are not clear and a subject of debate. Many scientists are of the view that teenage girls use eating disorder as a strategy that helps them in coping up with all those problems that are quite painful for them to face or talk about to their friends. For avoiding complicated issues that crop up in this age, they use their problems of eating as a weapon. Some of the issues faced by them are sexuality, self esteem, control, separation and many more.

The studies have also revealed that majority of teenagers facing this problem are girls. If they have suffered any trauma in the young age like physical, psychological, emotional or sexual abuse, it can result into eating disorders. Also, it is a fact that many teenagers facing eating disorders have never been through any such trauma but still faces this problem.

Since there is no specific cause behind this problem, treating this problem becomes a challenge. The doctors offer an eclectic blend of solutions for the treatment of this disorder. Medications as well as counseling are offered to the teenagers suffering from this problem to bring them back to normalcy once again. If left untreated, this disorder can escalate into a big problem with a lot of negative impacts on the health of your teenage daughter hence it is very important to treat this problem as early as possible.