overcome eating disorders during pregnancy

What are eating disorders?

Eating disorders have a very different approach for different people. These disorders can make disastrous changes in the eating habits of a person. These people find it very difficult to eat as they have a fear of weight gain. The two common types of eating disorders are anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. The person suffering from anorexia nervosa will exercise a lot and will strict himself in eating as he will have a threat of gaining weight. Bulimia Nervosa people may eat a lot and then he/she can use laxatives. This can make the person sick due to repeated vomiting and loose motions.

Pregnancy and eating disorders-

Most of the eating disorders peak up during pregnancy and they have affected approximately seven million American women. The above two eating disorders affect the pregnancy and may have adverse effects on the baby. The first disorder may have obsessive dieting and the second disorder may have binge eating and then vomiting to get rid of the excess calories.

Eating disorders can develop in women during pregnancy due to many multiple issues. Some of them can be due to history of eating disorders in the family, depression, mood swings in pregnancy, emotional changes, poor self esteem and family problems. Eating disorders can stir up the health of a ‘would be mother’. It can cause weight dissatisfaction; physical changes in the body, eating a lot to manage emotions, mood swings can lead to complications. Further, eating disorder may affect the baby and the mother and can leave a medical, emotional, nutritional and psychological impact for the baby.

How to deal with eating disorders?

A pregnant woman can definitely overcome her eating disorders with some help. She has to first communicate with her ob-gyn or the doctor. The doctor monitoring the pregnancy will have an idea about the eating habits of the mother. The doctor should be made aware about your eating disorders, as it can be life threatening to the baby’s health. The pregnant woman can also consult the nutritionist as she has to cope up with the disorder during pregnancy for the sake of the baby’s health. The nutritionist may plan the foods for the mother, which can minimize the eating disorder. Along with this, some help from the Psychologist may help the mother overcome her emotional issues and they would find some solution for the same.

It is always suggested that if you are suffering with an eating disorder be honest and accept the facts.

  1. Visit your doctor as some extra visits may be required to track the growth and development of the baby closely and regularly.
  2. Consult a nutritionist who can guide you for regular eating and weight gain. She can help you in healthy weight gain and also will help you return to normal weight gain through healthy food after pregnancy.
  3. Counseling sessions after pregnancy and during pregnancy will help you cope up with your fear of food, weight gain and body image.
  4. Attend a group of people who can motivate you.
  5. Attend a prenatal class, classes on childbirth, child development and pregnancy so that they can keep you busy.

Dealing with eating disorders during pregnancy is a very important concern. Visit your doctor immediately, if you are suffering from such issue for the sake of your health and your baby’s future.