How to get rid of stubborn stainsWhen a nasty stain appears on your favourite dress, it is quite natural for you to feel disappointed and depressed. Some stains are such that they do not go away despite all efforts. Professional cleaners use a variety of ways and methods to remove these stains. One of the most popular methods of stain removal is chemical alteration of stain’s properties thus making it invisible. Bleaching is the name give to this process. Sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide is used to remove stains from clothes. Dye molecules get destroyed by use of these regents. The spot will still remain contaminated due to the destroyed stains’ remnants.

Following tips help in removing stubborn stains:

  • Tea

Tea is a popular drink enjoyed by people all over the world. If tea falls on your clothes creating nasty stains, the best way to remove them is by immediately keeping that part of the cloth under running cold water. If within first few minutes, cold water is used over the stain, the chances are that it will be removed quickly. If there is a substantial delay in removing stains of tea, a wide array of chemicals, organic cleaners and regents can be used to remove them. If tea drops have fallen on a fabric, the best way to remove its stains is by using beer mixed in cold water and white vinegar. This solution can do wonders for removing tea stains.

  • Coffee

Many times, when drinking a scalding hot cup of coffee, there are chances of coffee falling on our clothes which may leave stains. In order to remove coffee stains, the immediate action that can be taken is using a wet or dry blotter. If this does not remove stains, then the next step is to use a variety of chemicals depending on the material of the cloth. If silk or wool cloth is showing coffee stains, excess liquid must be blotted. Stain must be sponged with water and then white vinegar drops must be poured over the stain. A wet sponge must be placed on the stain for as long as possible as it will absorb the stain removing it successfully from the cloth.

  • Ink

Many times, while filling ink in a pen, children get a little clumsy and drops or blotches of ink can be seen on their clothes or carpets. In case, there is an ink stain on a carpet, the best way to remove it is by using cornstarch mixed in milk. If ink stains are on a cloth, the stained part must be dipped in milk overnight. Next day, the cloth needs to be laundered and you will be surprised to see no stain on the fabric.

Following above mentioned tips can help in removing stubborn stains by following easy homemade remedies.