Do you have a teenage son? If yes, then it’s time to develop a healthy relationship with your son. Dealing with a growing up teenager in the house can be very challenging for a parent. Maintaining a proper communication and relationship with the teens is a necessity.

9 Tips that help to develop a Healthy and positive relationship with their teens:-

  1. Find out time with your kids. Spend some time with them and understand what is happening in their life. Try to discuss about their day and help them where you can.  Spend some individual time with them and be their friends. Plan a dinner or breakfast for them. It is worth spending time with your teens. Plan picnics where you can get some alone time to talk. Show some interest in their friends and their daily routine. It should be planned and should be done regularly.
  2. Make rules for your teen so that he can understand the limitations and can be held accountable for their decisions. A parent should make teenagers understand that they have privileges if they abide by the rules. Make rules for driving, dating, coming home in time, and many things which you think must have rules.
  3. Understanding your teenagers requires a lot of patience. Try to listen to them more rather than speaking and advising them. Do not lecture them and let them speak. This will make you understand those thoughts and views. Let the teenager start the discussion.
  4. Make your teenagers understand that you are always available for them. Kids who feel that their parents have other things more important find other options in their life. Parents who are into demanding jobs cannot give time to their kids, when the kids want to talk to their parents. Such kids look for emotional availability where they find a source. These teenagers often get into bad company, which ends to be the parent’s loss.
  5. Tensions within the family and parents can make the children hate them. They can slam the door, scream and can do many such things. In such a situation, calm yourself at that time, take a deep breath, and let the hurt go. Always remember that your kids love you but it is the heat of the moment.
  6. Don’t let any tension built up between you and your kid. They are going through a tough time with so many things happening emotionally and physically. You should learn to withdraw when things get worse.
  7. Instill confidence in your child. Let him do things that he loves. Make him find a passion for himself. This inspiration will make him have some confidence to discuss and take lead in groups.
  8. Explain the importance of discipline in your child. Following discipline is good for him, not for you. Be calm and firm when it comes to follow discipline. They should understand that the parents love him but these rules are for their good future.
  9. All above tips will help you develop a healthy relationship with your teenage son. Try to understand his feelings and give him the space he desires and surely, this will lead to a healthy relation.