5 things a parent must tell a daughter

Talk to your teen with great care!

When talking to your daughter, especially in her teens, one of the most important things that need to be kept in mind is communication. When going through teenage years, a lot of hormonal changes takes place in her body. During this age, your daughter may have to face a lot of behavioral issues and lack of communication between parents and a daughter may create a lot of troubles. It is very important for a parent to keep channels of communication always open and never let strain come in this beautiful relationship. Speaking and talking are considered to be the focal point of every communication. This age is quite delicate and your baby needs all your support to ride through the confusions, troubles and various issues that crop up at this time. It is the responsibility of a parent to share some important things with one’s.

These are-

I Love You- Since this is the time when your daughter is going through many physiological changes, there may be an impact on her psychological health too. Reassurances are needed by her at every step and want you to support her through every thick and thin. Saying “I Love You” once in a while boosts her confidence and bolsters her confidence in you. It will also bring you closer to her.

Thank You- Children love to feel appreciated. If you say “Thank You” after she has done something good will make her feel loved and good about herself. She will also learn manners and will say Thanks to you when you do something special and good for her. This is the best way of learning to feel gratitude. This will also add a feeling of respect in daughter-parent relationship.

Sorry- Human beings can make mistakes any time and you are not an exception to this rule. You are also learning to become a good parent and while parenting, you may commit a mistake. If you realize your mistake and feel bad about it, there is no harm saying “sorry” to your daughter. As your daughter is growing up, treat her as your equal and there is no harm in saying sorry if you are wrong. This is a powerful lesson for your daughter as she will never hesitate to say sorry in the future if she has committed any mistake.

Appreciate her efforts- Every parent wishes to see her daughter succeed in life but if she is not able to, it is important to understand that this is not the end of the world. Instead of de-motivating her, encourage her and applaud her efforts. This way, she will never shy away from putting in her best in any task she has taken up.

A penny for your thoughts- Involve your daughter in discussions and ask her opinion when taking some family related decisions. She will feel appreciated and loved by this gesture.

These five things will help in making you a good parent.