Makeup is an art and every woman needs to excel in this art due to the fast and competitive world. Every woman needs to be presentable and look stylish and hence applying makeup is an everyday need. But using it properly with some skill can make you look great. Committing some sins when applying make will do more harm to you than looking good. Some makeup blunders can make you look tired rather than a healthy and glowing skin.

Tips for avoid these makeup blunders for a fresh start

  1. There can be a high possibility that you may not be using the moisturizer before applying the makeup. Always apply the moisturizer first and then apply the makeup. It is always beneficial if your moisturizer has the SPF in it. Applying direct make up on the direct skin can make you look very tired.
  2. After applying the moisturizer, you can apply the makeup. Never make overuse of the powder on the skin. When you have very dry skin, applying lots of powder will make it look dried and tired. Extra use of powder will also make you look weird. Use a translucent powder for the extra shine and this powder will blend well with the makeup.
  3. Everyone likes to have lush and perfectly arched eyebrows, but everyone is not so lucky to born with it.  Making your thin eyebrows, dark and thick with a dark eyebrow pencil is a total blunder. Thicker eyebrows can make you look good, but choose the perfect shade of the eyebrow pencil that matches with the color of your eyebrow hair. Select one shade lighter than your hair color. We get eyebrow powders in the market which can be used to fill the eyebrows perfectly with the help of a brush.
  4. Metallic shades can be an issue when you are not young and have crossed certain age.  Use softer colors for shimmer that won’t look too loud and can add more elegance to your look.
  5. The lip blunder is the common one that is seen very common in women. Using a lip liner is an easy way to show your pout. The common mistake many women do are selecting the same shade of the lip liner, that of the lipstick. Always remember to use one shade darker of the lip liner than your lipstick. This will enhance the lipstick color and using the natural shade can make lips fuller and thinner. Use lipstick shades like bold reds, neutrals glossy and soft pinks for a modern look.

Avoid the above makeup mistakes and you will look fresh and smart. It is difficult to get up in the morning and get ready for work. But it will not be good for you if you are applying the wrong makeup and will make you look more tired. Applying makeup carefully is a skill and every morning women do that before they rush out of the door for work. No matter how sleepy you are, makeup can add wonders if used correctly.