Jealousy is a curious emotion. It can be like a two-edged sword that can cut through the most strongest of bonds between two people while at the same time, a complete lack of it might make you doubt if your partner cares for you or values your relationship at all. Jealousy often stems from a deep-seated feeling of insecurity and inadequacy. Do you have a friend who is jealous of you and your relationships and who doesn’t have a boyfriend herself? How do you deal with such a jealous friend? Following are a few simple yet effective tips.

Understanding is the key

This is the most important thing to remember while dealing with the issue of jealousy of a friend or any other issue, for that matter. Put yourself in her shoes if possible and try to understand her perspective about things. Mostly, jealousy stems from insecurity felt by the person. It could be about her appearance. Maybe she thinks that she is unattractive. I could also be an effect of her anger or frustration about some other issues in her life such as her family or friends or even a job that she hates. Whichever is the case, having a sympathetic approach towards her feelings will help.

Talk to her                                                           

Talking to her about what you feel about the issue is important. There is no need to get upset over her stingy remarks or sarcastic comments. Know that they are just a symptom of her deep-seated feelings of insecurity and jealousy and arguing with her won’t help ease the tension. The best way is to lend her a sympathetic ear and allow her to express her feelings. You can have a sound discussion with her about the issue and what you feel about it. Clearing the air between the two will go a long way towards easing out any unnecessary discomfort and resolve the issue earlier.

Give her a helping hand

Not in a ‘holier than thou’ kind of an attitude, but as a friend who really cares for the friendship. Your friend might have caused you to feel uncomfortable with her jealous demeanor, but she is still your friend and you can help her deal with her issues in a better way. The best way to do so is to focus on her positives to make her feel more self-confident and secure. There are people who need someone to make them aware of their potential. Help her find the true beauty and power inside her and she will be able to rise above the jealous feelings all of her own.

Be non-judgmental

However, make sure that you stay non-judgmental about her. Don’t impose your viewpoints or try to force her to change. It is a passing stage in her life and will soon be able to come out of it much more aware and enlightened. So give her space and let her be herself. If that requires you to remove yourself from the situation for a while, do it. In due time, when she will regain her poise, she will be able to find her own strengths and inner beauty and will have no jealousy towards you. And most likely, one day, she will happily introduce you to her boyfriend.