mother-in-law your friendIn the life of every son, his mother plays a vital role. It is a fact that daughters are more close to their fathers while sons are more close to their mothers. If you want your mother-in-law to love you just like she loves or son, you need to strike a good friendship with her. When a new person becomes important in the life of her son, it is natural for a woman to feel insecure and sometimes, a tad jealous. This is quite an obvious reaction. If a girl tries to become friends with her mother-in-law instead of treating her as her rival, things will be much easier for everyone.

Few tips to making your mother-in-law as friend

Be a good listener

Since you are the latest addition in the house, your mother-in-law will give a lot of unsolicited advice to you. Instead of taking in the wrong way, listen to her carefully as this is just like a college induction process. Her comments and remarks will make you understand the workings of the house and will help you to settle nicely. If at the outset, you take her comments in a negative manner, your house will soon become a war field.

Ask for help if you do not know something

These days, girls are quite smart and can figure out things nicely but there is no harm in giving some importance to the woman who has taken care of this house since a very long time. If you ask her about something, she will feel wanted and appreciated. This will also become an ice breaker. Don’t think that by asking something you will be bothering her. On the contrary she will feel important and will gladly share all details about her son that will help you to win his heart.

Strike a balance

While gaining her confidence by asking her about something or seeking her advice, take care that you do not go overboard lest she thinks that you don’t know anything and are just good for nothing. While taking her advice, you also need to prove that you are worthy of her son and will become a good wife as well as a good daughter-in-law.

Develop mutual interests

Another way of striking friendship with mother-in-law is by identifying all those activities or hobbies where both of you find yourself interested. Take out some time and indulge in this activity together as this will bring both of you closer. Instead of looking at you just like a daughter-in-law, she will start looking at you as a friend. You can enjoy several wonderful moments together pursuing a common activity.

Following above tips will surely bring you closer to your mother in law and you will enjoy a good and fruitful relationship with her.