Signs to know he likes you

Want to know whether your boyfriend likes you or not? There are many signs that can tell you that a guy likes you. You don’t have to wait for those 3 words. Many other things can make you realize that he likes you.

  1. Body Language – Facial expressions can show mixed signals, but body language can make out what a guy is interested in.  His body language can show genuine interest if he is really interested in you. He will always tilt his head to one side when he is talking to you. He may also stand a little close than the normal distance he used to keep. His hands can also tell you that he likes you, sometimes he may extend his arms open towards you. This sign can show that he is trying to reach out to you.
  2. Treats you differently – He treats you differently from the others and also he behaves with you very differently. This is because he likes you very much. This can be getting coffee for you, goes out of the way to call you or chatting with you about your favorite place, food or sport. Guys who are very social can also show signs of liking a girl in a way that can be easily noticed. Speaking softly, keen interest in your discussions, very sensitive to your facial expressions and gestures and finding more about your life are the common signs. He will try to find out common interests in both of you.
  3. More visibility – One more sign is that the guy is more visible every day. He will never miss a day at work or school, because of you. He may try to come closer to a group of friends who are next to you, even though he does not know them. He may pass the water stations and restrooms from the way where you are visible. All these signs show that he is interested in knowing you better or trying to come closer to you. On the other hand a guy who is not showing these signs will not go out of the way to know you.
  4. Contact initiated by him – If the contact is initiated by the guy, then it is sure that he is interested in you. He will always mail or call you first. He may be checking you before asking you for a date. He would also want to know if you are interested in him. This sign can also indicate that he likes talking to you. He can also make excuses to talk to you or meet you.
  5. His face lights up – His facial expression change when he sees you. His face brightens when he sees you. It is believed that when a guy sees someone he likes his pupils dilate and if you see this sign, he is definitely interested in you. A steady gaze at you accompanied by a smile is a clear sign of his interest.

All of the above signs will show that he likes you and is clearly reaching out for you. Remember, these are signs and you have to check out his real interest in you.