Tips to handle a possessive husband

Are you finding it hard to handle your possessive partner? Well, relationships come with a lot of the critical challenges and issues with them. Many couples around us are not happy because there are some issues in their relationships. If one of the partners is not treating the other one properly, then it can be very painful for the other. This bad treatment of the partner can range from emotional threats to a physical abuse.

Possessive Husbands can create havoc in their relationships because they cannot deal with the fact that their wife is interacting with other men in society. This happens due to jealousy and their extra possessive attitude. Handling these men can be very tragic for the wives and the best thing to control your life is to handle the men tactfully and the situations created by them cleverly.

Here are some tips for you to deal with possessiveness of your husband

Handling your over possessive husband is only possible when he is not physically threatening or physically abusive. Make sure that you are safe when you come in his trigger of possessiveness. Not down the instances when he is in the possessive mode and try to analyze his behavior. Your secret diary will tell you the situations when he does not have any control on his words. It will help you judge his reasons of possessiveness. Always talk to a trusted female friend who is close to you about the happenings as she will always be there if something goes wrong.

Controlling and possessive husbands can constantly message or call you when you are at work or out. He may check your phone or mails regularly. He makes rules for you and wants you to meet only girls. Then this is the best time you need to talk to him. Talking with him when he is not in the fighting mode and asking him to explain what are the things that bother him or why he needs to be possessive can help you get out of the situation. Do not push the conversation to a limit that he will start arguing.

When you talk to him, straight away put your point across. Remember that things will not turn out in a flash, but it will take time. Be patient; forgive him if he makes the same mistake again. But make sure he understands that he has made the same mistake again and there is no chance for it again. It can be a habit for him, but be tolerant and he will realize it one day. Sometimes you will have to warn him about his behavior. Remember that Rome was not built in a day.

Talk to him, if he is ready for the counseling with a therapist. You can accompany him if he is willing to. Insist him to visit the therapists for a single session as well where he can openly talk to the counselor. The counseling sessions can give you a clear idea about the possessive nature of your husband.

Understand that all these things can be done if you are safe in his company. Once he starts physically, emotionally and mentally abusing you, it’s time to leave. Take help from a friend, family or police.

Definitely, you will be able to deal with possessiveness of your husband with the above tips. Remember, this needs lots of patience and wisdom. You need to act cleverly and handle the situation carefully. Best of luck!